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73. Creating “Your Ideal Mom Life” with Nikki Oden

Nikki Oden is a lawyer and mom mentor who helps working moms battle burnout by teaching them how to own their days and crush their goals—without the mom guilt. After walking away from a lucrative career as a commercial litigator for a prestigious, international law firm to become a stay-at-home mom, Nikki learned firsthand how easily a woman can completely lose herself in motherhood. Realizing that she needed something that was hers outside of being “Mommy” and “wife,” Nikki started a home- based business . . . and quickly experienced what it means to live in survival mode.

Eventually, through a lot of trial and improvement, she figured out how to harmonize what she wants as an ambitious woman with who she wants to be as a mother and is passionate about teaching other working moms how to do the same. Her mission is to help those moms love their mom lives (and themselves) a little more.

Nikki is the founder of Your Ideal Mom Life, host of the Love Your Mom Life podcast, and author of But Definitely Wear Mascara. Her work has been featured in The Boston Globe, TODAY Parents, CafeMom, KidSpot, Clean Plates and Authority Magazine.

In this episode, my conversation with Nikki Oden, we talk about

  • How her business “Your Ideal Mom Life” was born
  • Time Mismanagement
  • Systems that helped Nikki get off “the hot mess express”
  • How filling your own cup overfills into other areas and relationships of your life



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  1. Get a free chapter of her book here
  2. Website: www.youridealmomlife.com
  3. Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikkioden/
  4. Podcast: Love Your Mom Life
  5. Book: But Definitely Wear Mascara

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