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Welcome To The Room, Mama | BOOK LAUNCH

Have you heard the saying that you need to “get in the room?” 

The idea stems from the fact that there are different archetypes of people all over the world. It builds on the fact that people that have similar personality types, ambitions, and accomplishments to your own are the people that will encourage self-growth without introducing detrimental adversity.

I like to put it this way: ”You become who you surround yourself with.” Surrounding yourself with people who have accomplished your goals or are several steps ahead of you toward accomplishing those common goals are the people that will motivate you to move forward. They can also help shave off years of hard-learned lessons if they’re willing to share their knowledge with you.

Surrounding yourself with people that no longer support your goals, ambitions, or vision will encourage your limiting beliefs to reappear. You’ll feel stuck in place, question your vision, and become unmotivated. However, surrounding yourself with people that light you up, inspire new ideas, and help solve issues you’re experiencing as you grow your business will fast-track your path to success.

Creating your room often requires an investment of both time and money. You can create your room by joining mastermind groups with other elite professionals, attending conferences and local business networking events, or participating in virtual summits.

The other way to create your room – which I actually recommend even more – would be to physically host the event that will bring aligned people into your sphere. This choice could be as simple as organizing an event in your local library, restaurant, or hotel conference room. You can create a large-scale in-person event or an online event. 

Regardless of the final product, becoming the host of the event suddenly elevates your status and helps you to become a peer to the elite professionals you invite. They’ll see your event as valuable because it gives them a platform to communicate their benefits, and the value for you manifests as a platform to showcase your new elite status. You’ll also be able to build authority as you share your learned experiences and offer to serve others in the group.

I’ll give you an example. If you choose to host an online event, you could give other experts a chance to showcase their expertise through a lesson or interview to a shared audience. At the same time, you’re building a relationship with them, showcasing your own expertise, and exposing your brand to their audience. An ideal outcome would be to grow your audience by reaching out to their similar audience, to reach new people through marketing the event, and to build your network of professionals who can support and motivate you on your journey.

Creating the network, or “room,” of professionals who are aligned with your vision and goals will be your ticket to creating fast results in your business. Learn from their mistakes, get an inside look at their best-kept secrets, and reach new levels of growth that you never thought were possible.

The Book

In my new book, Welcome To The Room, Mama, I share intimate stories as I worked to build my businesses, my wealth, my confidence, my inspiration, and ‘my room’ to help you navigate the struggles of entrepreneurship, mom guilt, time management and mismanagement, mindset blocks, and limiting beliefs. Each chapter breaks down a limiting belief I used to hold (and that I can guarantee you are currently holding or have held in the past), as you work to become the best version of yourself.

What It Will Help You Do

This book will help you to:

  • Identify Your Limiting Mindsets
  • Create Your Vision To Dominate Your Life
  • Create Solutions To Get Out Of Your Head
  • Identify Distractions And Time Management Hacks
  • Create Your Room
  • Identify Your Business Idea
  • Determine Your Niche
  • Create Your Client Experience
  • Financial Budgeting For Business Success
  • Improve Your Sales Mindset

Where You Can Get It

Welcome To The Room, Mama will be available on Amazon for just 0.99 during our launch on February 19, 2023.

You can pre-order a signed copy on our website here: https://www.lyssmorton.com/welcome-to-the-room-mama

We kindly ask the biggest favor that you purchase the amazon E-book for 0.99 even if you purchase the paperback copy. Purchasing on Amazon during our launch, and leaving a kind review will help us become a best-seller in the categories we selected.

The Bonuses

As a thank you for purchasing Welcome To The Room, Mama, you will receive some amazing bonus resources for free to help you take your business and life to the next level.

Some of the free resources in this book include:

  • The Welcome To The Room, Mama Workbook
    • Identify Your Limiting Mindsets Worksheet To Debunk The Mindsets That Hold You Back
    • Create Your Vision Worksheet To Dominate Your Life
    • Create Solutions Worksheet To Get Out Of Your Head
    • Maximize Your Time Scheduling Planner To Maximize Your Productivity
    • The Perfect Morning Routine Planner To Fill Your Own Cup
    • Community Networking Guide To Build Your Room
    • Build Your Marketing Plan Worksheet To Strategize A Successful Marketing Plan
    • Niches Get Riches Worksheet To Identify Your Target Audience
    • Get In The Room Worksheet To Elevate Your Network
    • Create Your Client Experience Worksheet To Find Your Unique Process
    • Budget Planner Guide For Financial Success
    • Sales Mindset Success To Close More Deals
    • Leadership Journal For Self Development
  • Printable Planners To Help You Maximize Your Productivity
  • Budget Planner Spreadsheet Template To Create Financial Success
  • The Resources That Will Help You Save Time As A Mompreneur

Get Your Free Gifts Here:  Https://www.lyssmorton.com/book

Big Favor

I so appreciate you being in my room, for filling your cup with inspiration, reading my blogs, listening to the podcasts, and of course, supporting my new book!

Please, I beg you as my friend, go buy the $0.99 copy on Amazon on February 19, 2023, and leave a one-to-two sentence 5 star review. It will go a long way in helping other mompreneurs find my book, read it, and join our room with us.

Cheers to you, mama! And… Welcome To The Room!

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