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Working After Kids: The Mom’s Guide to Getting Back on Track

It seems to be the norm now. Working moms everywhere, doing round-the-clock labor. Childcare. Cleaning. A 9-5 job. Sleeping a few hours just to get up and do it all over again. No breaks, no considerations for their own wellbeing, always worried about everyone else before themselves. Part of this reality is putting professional goals aside and prioritizing family and domestic life. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that! But for those moms who are ready to get back on track and start working after kids towards their professional goals again, it can be really daunting to figure out where to begin.

If you’re asking, “Kids derailed my career and self-improvement goals… how can I get back on track?” I’m here for you. As a mama of two babies under two years old, I totally get it, and I have some advice for you.

Reframe Your Mindset from Negative to Positive

Before you can do anything else positive and move the needle towards your goals, you need to rid yourself of toxic mindsets that frame everything in a negative light. Yes, it’s harder than it sounds, but the hard work comes with huge rewards. Lots of moms — rightfully so — end up feeling a lot of negative emotions after childbirth. They go through huge hormonal swings and life changes, and they end up feeling super unsettled and confused about their identities and the labels that society assigns them.

Because of all this upheaval, moms end up feeling guilt and shame when thinking about working after kids. They might see their pregnancy as a mistake, might see their kids as annoying or frustrating distractions, and might feel resentment towards their new family structure for setting them back from their goals. It’s important to validate these feelings, but it’s also important to attack them from the right perspective. Sure, your life has been completely flipped upside down, but that doesn’t mean there was ever a right side up. It’s different, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong or bad. It’s just new!

If there’s one thing I need you to take away from this, mama, it’s that being a working woman means accepting change as constant. Challenges are good. Discomfort means you’re on the path to greater things, not stuck in the same place. Yes, we must mourn our old selves, but we must also embrace our new selves.

Realign Yourself With Your “Why”

Working after kids is a huge challenge, and many nights you’ll be too tired to function. It’s difficult to slow down, breathe, and remember why you do what you do every day. For many of us, we’ve completely lost sight of everything that used to be important to us. We’ve strayed too far from what lights us up. This wandering off from our true selves and our passions leads to serious burnout, and we all know what that does to us. We’re never present, we never enjoy anything. Every day is a hamster wheel.

To get back on track, we have to jump off that wheel and center ourselves. Think back to that first fire in your soul for something you were truly passionate about. Think about the first time your eyes lit up and you felt motivated to get up in the morning because you loved what you did. When was that? What was it? That is your reason why, and you need to find it again!

The reason why is different for everyone, even though there are common themes. For many mom-preneurs, the reason why they work so hard is because they want to achieve financial freedom for their families or be able to spend more quality time at home. Many people love their work because they truly believe in the services and products they provide and care about the customers and clients they serve. Whatever it is for you, take time to realign yourself so you can relight that fire.

Working After Kids At The Pace That Feels Right

Not everyone can drop their life and start working again full-time. Not everyone can quit their 9 to 5 job just to start up a business right away. Everyone has a different life situation, and I want you to take time to really consider what potential and limitations you have in this moment. Don’t push yourself so hard that you end up resenting your work — that’s the opposite of the point. Instead, learn to move the needle through consistent action, even if that’s just baby steps every day that work towards your goals. Be realistic about what you can accomplish so you don’t give up in a few days, but also challenge yourself in whatever way feels right to you.

If you only have 30 mins in the morning to work out and you haven’t exercised in a long time, just take a short walk. If you only have an hour or two after the kids go to bed to work on your business, make the best use of your time every night to accomplish small tasks. You don’t need to be extreme when you start out, you just need to choose goals that you can commit to. As you build habits over time, you can start leveling up!

Need help with working after kids? This is an area I specialize in, so I would love to hear from you. Please check out my podcast The Making Mommy Moves Show and get yourself on The Lysst so you never miss out on my free resources and advice.

I also have a new book Welcome To The Room, Mama launching in February! It is a FULL guide to mom-preneurship, and I talk all about balancing life at home, self-development, and professional goals. It also comes with a workbook so that you can kill two birds with one stone — read the guide and apply what you learn as you go!

Talk soon!

XX – Lyss

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