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How to Take Action After Learning from Entrepreneur Influencers

Listening to entrepreneurs talk about their inspiring startup-to-success stories can be mind-blowing. If you’re anything like me, you obsessively listen to podcasts, YouTube videos, and audiobooks any chance you get. Each new entrepreneurial influencer I listen to gives me new ideas and hope for bigger and better things to come. While learning from entrepreneur influencers, we live vicariously through their success and joy… but then we pull out the ear buds and come down from the high. We realize we’re still living in our own chapter 1, so far from the chapter 10 that these influencers are living. How can we apply lessons learned from entrepreneur influencers so that we can finally reach our own chapter 10s?

Establish Your “Why”

Out of all the foundational steps that I talk about with other entrepreneurs, the most important is remembering your “why.” Without your reason why, there is nothing else. Everyone gets up in the morning and goes about their responsibilities, but most people dread it and resent everything and everyone while they do it. Remember that the entire reason for becoming an entrepreneur is to find FREEDOM from that, not just another form of slavery to work. Your reason why will set you free — it gives you that vision of your perfect future, the passion for what you do, and the love of your life and the process.

Haven’t you noticed that all those amazing entrepreneur influencers have their own reason why? Without that “why,” they never would have had that drive to get to chapter 10, believe me.

Commit to Consistent Action

One of my favorite things to remind myself every day is that any action is good action. Every entrepreneur has their own lifestyle and circumstance, so telling people to commit to x, y, and z exactly during this exact x, y, or z time frame is unrealistic and discouraging. Not everyone can do the same things at the same time, and everyone’s day-to-day situation changes where they might be able to do more one day than another day. Being realistic, giving yourself grace, and creating space for you to breath and enjoy the process is super important to staying genuinely happy and passionate about your business.

Instead of setting yourself up for failure by holding yourself to the exact process that an entrepreneur influencer had, just commit to consistent action towards your goals. That means that you don’t have to have the same work load every day or do the exact tasks on the list for that day every day… it just means to do something, anything, whatever you can do. As long as you keep doing something, you’re gonna get there! Creating momentum is much more important than following an exact process!

Learn to Love To-Do Lists

I know I just knocked the whole “exact tasks every day” thing, but that’s not quite what I’m recommending here with to-do lists. I know I’m a bit type-A, but I don’t know where I’d be without my to-do lists. When you’re a mom, wife, and serial entrepreneur, the list of things to do NEVER ENDS. It is constantly evolving, and 3 more things get written down every time you cross one thing off. Trying to keep all these responsibilities straight in your head is just bonkers. Every second you waste trying to remember what you needed to do is a second less that you have to get it done.

That being said, there will be a ton of great things you’ll learn from entrepreneur influencers about their marketing tactics, their sales conversations, their business processes, and so much more. They might recommend some awesome tasks you can add to your to-do list or your marketing and business plans. You’ll never get to those things if you don’t make time for them in your schedule, so write them down!!! Even better, implement your favorite time management strategies and break those tasks down into tiny steps so that you can take that consistent action every day, even if that means it’ll take you the whole month or year or whatever to succeed.

Move the Needle While Learning from Entrepreneur Influencers!

I’m no stranger to learning from entrepreneur influencers. I once heard one of my favorite entrepreneur influencers describe consistent action as moving the needle, and it stuck with me to this day. Visualizing that gauge in your mind, that needle that pumps forward every time you hit the gas, made me realize that momentum was all I needed to reach my goals. I don’t need to succeed today or tomorrow or even the next day. I don’t have to set myself up for failure by getting discouraged with my results today. Instead, I can just keep moving and capitalize on big wins when they do come.

I want so badly to help you keep moving the needle. Whatever you learn from your favorite podcasts, YouTube channels, or books, make sure you break it down in a way that fits into your unique situation. We may all be entrepreneurs, but we’re unique!

Because I’m so passionate about this, I’ve written my own book! I want to help other mom-preneurs move the needle in their businesses, so please watch out for my book Welcome to the Room, Mama launching this February. It will be partnered with a workbook so that you can take consistent action while you read 🙂 Make sure you sign up for updates so you don’t miss the launch!!!

Talk soon!

XX – Lyss

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