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Making Mommy Moves Show Episode 48: Alignment & Mindset with Pradnya Vernekar

In this episode of the Making Mommy Moves Show, Lyss is joined by Pradnya Vernekar a Certified Holistic Life Coach, an Angel Card Reader, a Spiritual Teacher and a Bestselling Author. Her mission is to equip you with tools and strategies to unlock your true potential and assist you in your healing journeys. She calls herself a ‘light worker’ brightening this world one step at a time.

Lyss and Pradnya discuss social media strategies, alignment, and mindset. They offer tips for creating a social media strategy that works for you, alignment exercises to help you stay focused, and how to stay positive and motivated. Tune in to this episode and hear more actionable tips.

Episode Highlight:

– Breaking through that notion or breaking through that rigid belief which many of the coaches out there say that you should stick to one niche and I started feeling very suffocated sticking to one thing and then I realized that no I don`t want to stick to one thing.

05:38 – I take them as seasons of my life, so this season of my life I feel like being that business mentor who is dabbing into all things, maybe next year there would be another season, so instead of like doing everything at once I focus on one thing at one time.

11:52 – My strength is speaking and I get tangled in that email list. So knowing the difference, knowing this, knowing what your emit gifts are and upleveling those gifts and alignment with your business vision.

20:09 – As much as you celebrate the high income months don`t be disheartened by the low income months because that is just a number and you can grow overtime.



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Website: https://pradnyavernekar.com/


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