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Making Mommy Moves Show Episode 46: Sharan Sammi: Setting Intentions and Creating an Abundant Life

Lyss’s special guest in this episode of The Making Mommy Move Show is no one other than Sharan Sammi, a Manifesting Abundance Mentor. Lyss and Sharan will dive into topics that encompass everyone’s Entrepreneurial Spirit and how to build wealth for the future. Whether you’re just starting out with your own business journey or getting back on track with those new year resolutions, come join in and be inspired! Lyss and Sharan encourage us to declare and affirm I am, I can, and I will; three powerful words that together create an abundant life full of intentions set, met and manifested. Tune in now to hear what they have to say!

Sharan empower ambitious corporate and business women, looking for more purpose and meaning to unlock their full financial potential by energetically activating their true self worth and inner confidence so that they can start to build an abundant legacy and the time freedom to manifest a successful and fulfilling life by design.

Today`s Mantra: I can, I will and I am.

Episode Highlight

– I always feel, it`s all about having a system and I call it a system like a planning system and what that system is knowing what exactly your expenditures are.

06:46 – There should be an element of you saving or investing and that is probably a must because it`s about not looking just today, it`s looking the end of the year or next year.

17:45 – Sharan Sammi believes in “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” now there could be obviously other overviews to the contrary but I always believe in spreading or diversifying.

30:52 – I really feel the power of this and it`s the power of the words and the intentions behind it and it is six words, I can, I will and I am.





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