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Favorite Lessons Learned From My “Behind the Business Summit”

I’m so sad that my Behind the Business Summit is officially over, but I’m also very proud to have done it! The sheer amount of pure value that was provided just blows my mind. I love that I’ve created a massive resource for entrepreneurs and moms with passion. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please give it a listen. It’s a series of interviews with experts and coaches for personal and professional life who all understand what it means to be both a mom and an entrepreneur, and they’re ready to impart wisdom and experience to you!

Speaking of lessons learned, I have quite a few, myself. I learned so much both from the conversations I had as well as the process of building and distributing such a huge resource for my mompreneur community.

1. Create the Room You Want to Be In

One of my favorite ways to grow, both personally and professionally, is to “create the room.”

It’s totally normal to outgrow your friend group and your professional role. On your path to self-improvement and throughout your business-building journey, you’ll realize you aren’t the person you were before — not even yesterday! Growing and changing require goals, though, and my favorite way to set goals is to think of the people who inspire me. These are people who have similar passions and life situations but have gotten to where I want to be. They have the knowledge that I need and can help me get to my destination much quicker than if I did it on my own.

Creating your room means assessing who you’ve surrounded yourself with. Do these friends, relatives, coworkers, and fellow professionals define who you want to be? Or are they a version of your past or current self that you need to leave behind? Do these people love and support you, or do they encourage you to stay stuck where you are? If these people are negatively impacting your growth, it’s time to move on. Instead, start filling your room with people who make you feel like anything is possible because they are DOING IT!

Not to toot my own horn, but I really created a fantastic room with all the amazing women in my Behind the Business Summit. If you’re looking for a place to start, absolutely start listening here!

2. Always Have a Plan B

Technology is our friend, but sometimes, it really isn’t. Much of my business process is automated with technology, and my content relies on technology to be created and distributed. When tech goes sideways, so does my business and my content! Ouch.

Thankfully, I’ve learned to always have a Plan B waiting for the moment technology becomes my enemy. In this case, I was able to quickly solve the problem and keep things moving. Otherwise, my summit would have come to an awful halt. Take my word for it: have a plan B in everything you do.

3. Always Ask!

Imposter syndrome is one of my worst enemies, as it is for so many other business owners. Who am I to think I can try this new business, charge this much for my services, and believe I can network with people well above my “station.” Well, kiss that mindset goodbye! I certainly did when I reached out to experts I never would have believed in a thousand years would even respond to me, let alone actually appear as a guest for my summit.

Lesson: Just ask. You never know who might say yes, and the worst-case scenario is that they say no. Big deal!

4. Quickest Way to Grow an Email List FOR SURE

I wasn’t really thinking that hosting the summit would be the source of an exponentially growing email list, but it certainly turned out to be. My priority was to create a platform where these experts could share their wisdom and advice, but now I’ve created a community of like-minded people who could help each other on this mompreneurship journey. I can’t wait to keep providing value even more by having a list of people I can consistently reach out to! If you’re not already on it, join The LYSST.

5. Elevate Your Name By Hosting Events

For some reason (maybe imposter syndrome!), people believe that they have to wait for other people to create networking opportunities because they aren’t qualified to be the leader for others. In reality, isn’t it all our responsibility to connect and share opportunities with others? Shouldn’t we all share our talents with others so we all thrive?

I realized recently that I have a lot of ideas or needs for things that don’t quite exist. Instead of complaining or waiting around for others to do this for me, I’ve decided to create these things myself. By manifesting these opportunities, I’m not just offering growth for myself, but for others like me. To top it off, by becoming a leader who hosts events rather than joins them, I’ve elevated my name and my brand.

Suddenly, by being the host, you become not just a ‘peer’ but THE person in the room for creating the event! I’ve taken my business from local and small to global and elevated just by being the host rather than the participator.

Behind the Business Summit Success Shows There’s More to Come!

I’m so excited that this Behind the Business Summit was successful. There’s so much value in connecting with others, sharing wisdom, and lifting up other mompreneurs. Please let me know if you’d find it valuable to have another summit, and what topics we should focus on if we do. Also, remember to get yourself on The LYSST if you haven’t already so that you can be the first to know about the next opportunities for health, wealth, and happiness as a badass mama!

Talk soon!

XX – Lyss

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