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5 Ways To Say Goodbye To Entrepreneurial Burnout

Not too long ago, the idea of “burnout” — not yet named but absolutely real — seemed ridiculous. The attitude was to pull yourself up by the bootstraps, stop complaining, and work until you die. Now, the most respected institutions have acknowledged that stress and exhaustion from constant work with no self-care is actually a HUGE negative for your health and wellness. You’re here because you’re just like me. You have big ideas, extraordinary dreams, incredible drive, and the persistence to keep going despite the exhaustion creeping in. If you’re wondering if working harder is worth it and feeling defeated by entrepreneurial burnout, you aren’t alone, but it’s not the end! Here are my favorite 5 ways to kick that burnout to the curb and get on with your entrepreneurial ways.

1. MASSAGE. And Make It Deep!

Dig deep. And by that, I mean get a pair of hands to dig deep into those tense and tired muscles. I swear that deep tissue massages are good for body and soul, and they certainly help me reset and move forward. Massages release those endorphins you need for your brain to bounce back from all that stress and fatigue you’ve been forcing yourself through. If you’re worried about the cost, just write it off as a business expense… just kidding, but seriously it should be considered one.

2. Freshen Up With a Facial

Have you ever noticed that you feel even more groggy, slow, and unenthusiastic when you don’t feel good in your body? Taking the time to feel good about yourself actually boosts your mood for the day and helps you be more productive. A quick makeup look and a good outfit can help for the day, but I like to go all in with the weeks of benefits I get from a facial. After a facial, I feel fresh, renewed, and ready to take on anything. After all, aren’t we the FACE of our business??

3. Boost Wellness and Energy With IV Treatments

Okay, I’ll admit this isn’t for everyone, but you won’t know until you try. Did you know there are IV treatments out there that don’t require a hospital stay? Yup! Instead, you can go to a clinic that offers IV treatments that help boost your vitamins, hydration, and electrolytes so that you can feel as great as if you were just born. The energy you feel after one of these treatments is just insane. I highly recommend it if nothing else seems to be working.

4. Slow Down Your Mind’s Treadmill On a Literal Treadmill

One of the reasons I believe my burnout can get so bad is that my mind never stops running. 25 hours out of an 8-day week, my brain is just always miles ahead thinking up my next business idea and juggling all my responsibilities as a mom and wife. If you feel the same, here’s my trick: go to the gym. When I’m at the gym, it’s the only time I can focus fully on the task at hand and take a brain break from everything else.

5. Let Someone Else Carry the Burden For Just a Second

This sounds impossible, I know, but you need me time. Perfectionists especially have such a hard time handing over the responsibilities to someone else and just focusing on themselves. If you’re lucky, you can find time in your day for self-care without giving up the reigns (and I talk about this in my blog about becoming a mommy time-management master), but not everyone can get there. If not, then you have to prioritize yourself over the business – your business can’t run without you when you’re officially burned out! If you’re experiencing mommy self-care shame, then please read this blog, too!

My favorite me-time activities? Working on my book, reading a book, going out with hubby, listening to a podcast, or even driving or going to the store by myself!

Escape Entrepreneurial Burnout and Feel Renewed

There’s absolutely nothing better than that feeling of the first flames of your business idea. That passion, that drive… there’s no reason to not still feel that! What’s standing in the way is just pure exhaustion, and that’s totally understandable. Please try at least one of my tips above, and let me know how it goes!

If you’re looking for a little business or mommy self-case boost every week, get yourself on The LYSST and tune into my Making Mommy Moves Show podcast!

Talk soon!

XX – Lyss

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