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Power Couple Show Episode 7:The Secrets to Building a Successful Business as a Couple

Starting and running a business is no easy feat, but it can be especially challenging for couples. In this episode of The Power Couple Show, Lyss and Larry talk about their experience building a business together and share some actionable tips for other entrepreneurs. One of the most important things they’ve learned is the importance of aligning their goals and journaling together. This helps them to stay on the same page and allows them to track their progress towards their goals. They also believe that manifesting is an essential part of building a successful business as a couple. By setting their intention and working towards their goals together, they’ve been able to create a strong foundation for their business. If you’re thinking about starting a business with your partner, this episode is a must-listen!

Episode Highlight:

– Really make sure that we’re on the same page, like with our vision, first off, and then with our just what we’re trying to manifest together.

06:10 – It’s all about the self discipline, as an entrepreneur and even like, when you’re building your business, like with your couple, or your spouse or business partner, you have a little bit more accountability.

09:08 – If your cup isn’t full, you’re not going to put all of the effort, all of the energy and really the intention behind the work like into what you need to do. It’s not gonna be as quality as if you’re helpful.

13:34 – Have a decent morning routine that puts you on the right headspace first thing in the morning and set yourself for success.


Episode Transcript

The Latest:

Lyss: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the power couple show you’ve got Lyss and Larry, here with you today, we want to apologize for the interim, because it’s been a couple of months since we posted an episode. We were, you could say, wrapped up in businesses with weddings, and just trying to figure out our priorities.

And now we’re back. And you’ll see us every Tuesday on YouTube or podcasts wherever you listen to them. So today, we want to talk to you about building a business as a couple, we’ve been doing some things that we want to share with you, that I think mi ght benefit you, especially if you’re growing a business with your partner, your spouse or business partner, so that you guys are both on the same page and working toward common goals. So you want to tell them what we’ve been working on together?

Larry: A lot. Yeah, aside from being in busy season for weddings, which the whole month of October was just crazy. Sometimes October, yeah, nuts. But there was so much where do we start?

Journaling Together to build a successful business as a couple.

Lyss: Well something that we’ve been doing together is we’ve been journaling. And this is something that we just recently started, because we are really like believers in the law of attraction. And when you’re feeling the gratitude and being able to reflect on it, you’re able to attract more of it. So that’s something we’ve been doing together every morning and night now, just like five to 15 minutes, and just a plain composition notebook.

With this new habit we’re able to really make sure that we’re on the same page, like with our vision, first off, and then with our just what we’re trying to manifest together. So in our businesses and our personal life, everything, everything. Yeah, so that’s been translating well into a relationship also, because we’re able to talk about these things. And if we’re not in alignment, then we can come together to figure out why and how, yeah, realign, or maybe make a compromise on like, what we’re working toward, or stuff like that.

Manifest the same vision.

Larry: So far, we’ve been almost word for word, you know, being in separate rooms filling out the same, you know, kind of questions that we’re answering and what we want to manifest and everything, almost like word for word, we’re on the same page. Yeah, one of us might have something the other one doesn’t. But it’s like, oh, I didn’t think of it. That’s a good thing. Like, I need to put that in my manifest.

Lyss: Yeah, like, for example, we were envisioning our future dream home. And we both like had it pretty good, like pretty on point like with the other person, but he had, like a better climate situation, like I just manifested the type of house and what it looked like. And he was actually even more specific about like, the temperature outside, like year round, and stuff like that.

Larry: You get the best of all the seasons, you don’t want to have a house, beautiful spot where it’s, it’s winter, 10 months out of the year, or, you know, you’re under that kind of thing.

Lyss: So like, these are the things that you need to be specific about when you’re manifesting and writing in your journal. Because the more specific you are, you’re gonna get what you want. You say, I want a brand new car, but you’re not specific about the type of car, you might get one that you might not want.

Yeah, same thing with our house or our businesses, we might say we want to book 15 events this year. But if we’re not specific and say we want to book 15 $10,000 events, the crop event Yeah, exactly. And you got what you asked for, but you just weren’t specific enough. So in relation to building a business, like while doing this, we have been really trying to put all of our effort into it, you might not know where especially full time and our businesses now, you want to tell them a little bit about how you’re feeling with that.

The Mental Blocks to overcome when building a successful business as a couple.

Larry: It’s been a bit of a struggle, it feels really good to be home, to be able to dedicate time to our businesses and the stuff I have going on, and our kids and everything like that. It’s just a hard mental thing to like, almost feel like you don’t have a purpose, because we’re so tied to your job. So that’s kind of how I’ve been feeling like, great. I’m working on our stuff now. But like, where’s my contribution? And it’s just, it’s just a hard mental block to get over?

Lyss: Yeah, and it’s coming. You just haven’t seen the fruits of your labor yet like to think that the journal is helping with that.

Larry: Yeah, definitely. But it’s, it’s hard to see in the now what your work is going to give to you. Because right now, it’s doing a lot of backend stuff, a lot of fulfilling things that are already paid for stuff like that, but I’m working so that future may is going to have everything set up and everything’s gonna run smoothly. But as far as like, not having the nine to five anymore, it’s definitely double sided. Which, yeah, it feels good.

Self Discipline

You know, like I said, to be home and everything but to not it’s hard to explain like when you don’t have a nine to five job where you get up, you go to work. I feel like it’s hard to like when you wake up in the morning, not like have somewhere to go and a specific like, have someone tell you what to do. I feel like that’s that might be what it is. He’s like, when you go to work, you have your tasks for the day. And when you assign yourself tests for the day, it’s hard to hold yourself accountable to them.

Lyss: We were talking about this a little bit like just the two of us the one night because it’s all about the self discipline, as an entrepreneur. And even like, when you’re building your business, like with your couple, or your spouse or business partner, you have a little bit more accountability, I suppose if you were just doing it on your own, but if you’re like us, we’re not mean enough. Like, say, for example, we want to go to the gym, but like, we all wake up in the morning and be like, I’m really not feeling good today.

I’ll just be like, okay, yeah, instead of saying, No, we need to get our butt in there. Like this is what we signed up for. This is what our goals are. This is where like, the journaling is kind of coming into play. Because we do that first thing in the morning, it gets us focused on our goals. It makes it so that we’re, we set the intention for the day. And then we can reflect on it again later and say, Okay, this is where we follow through. This is where we had difficulty, this is what came up so that we can reflect on it and do better tomorrow. But it sets the puts us in the right headspace in the right mindset to tackle the day.

Larry: Yeah. Which is huge. Because we all wake up in the morning, it not every day. But we all wake up in the morning and say like, I don’t want to do anything. You just you’re grumpy, you’re still tired, because your kids kept you up. Like you just you don’t want to go to the gym, you don’t want to have a good breakfast, you don’t want to be productive.

You just want to mope around all day and do nothing. But spending 5, 10, or 15 minutes just putting positivity on paper is like, it’s just a big old key that opens up the world for you. And I noticed that, you know, we recently started doing it, but the other day, you were so cranky. Yeah, I was like really like not in a good mood.

We started at night, and I was laying in bed, I was like, I was done, I was ready to go to sleep. And Lyss was like, ‘Hey, we gotta fill out our journals.’ And I’m like, ‘You want me to get out of bed, walk away downstairs, grab my journal, and come back up; I don’t want to spend 15 minutes writing, I want to go to sleep.’

And I did it and then I felt great.

Then I was like, ‘Why was I so upset about something that took me 30 seconds to run downstairs, grab and come back, filled out,’ like it’s all in your own head and you create your own negativity around something that you don’t want to do. Even if it’s something positive, like going to the gym and having a good breakfast and, you know, not eating out and stuff like that, like you put a negative spin on it in your head, that you don’t want to do the positive things for yourself.

Fill Your Cup Up First

Lyss: You’re so right, that really kind of even plays into the idea of like filling yourself up, like filling your cup up in the morning before you do anything else. So like, in the respect of creating like a routine, basically around your morning. So that you have, let’s say, an hour in the morning to do your journal, eat a good breakfast, do a little workout, like whatever it is that you need to do in the morning to fill your cup up before you even start any of your to do list for the day. Because let’s face it, like if your cup isn’t full, you’re not going to put all of the effort, all of the energy and really the intention behind the work like into what you need to do. It’s not gonna be as quality as if your cup are full.

Larry: Yeah, that’s big. Yeah, if you’re not putting yourself and your mental state first, the rest of your day won’t follow. If you stay in that negative grumpy, unproductive headspace for the whole day, that’s how your whole day is gonna go, you’re gonna be grumpy, you’re not gonna get done what you want to get done.

And then you’re gonna go to bed unfulfilled and it’s a cycle because then you’re gonna wake up tomorrow and say, ‘I have to do all the stuff I didn’t do yesterday.’ Then you’ll just, you know, shrug your responsibilities to yourself.

It’s like, you get deeper and deeper into it, and breaking the cycle and waking up. And as much as you don’t want to sit down for 15 minutes and scribble on a book, or have that healthy breakfasts that have spinach or whatever on it, that you’re not a huge fan of like, you just do it.

When you’re done, you’re like: ‘wow, that wasn’t bad at all.’ And it was nice to sit down and have some quiet time and write and then the rest of your day follow suit that like you’re doing stuff that you would normally not like doing but you do it you’re like, well, that’s not bad It’s actually really productive. And I want to do it more. And then that starts a new cycle of a new habit. Yeah, of starting your day on the right foot in a positive cycle.

Reframe Your Mindset

Lyss: Yeah. And like when you reframe your mindset, like with the journal and with the positive routine in the morning, it reframes everything else for the rest of the day. So let’s say you’re writing out your intentions and your goals are to like for us for me today was to film a whole lot of content because I want to get ahead of the schedule kind of calendar I wanted to design for wedding tomorrow and write a little bit in my book, carve out some time for that. So like by having those three intentions, then you see like everything else, it’s like, okay, getting my workout in for the day, eating a healthy breakfast, this gives me energy so that I can do the rest of those things. And it helps support the goals of the day.

Larry: Yeah. And something too is that I feel like a lot of people are in the headspace of like ‘Oh, if I spend two hours in the morning doing all this crap, filling out a journal and going to the gym then it takes away from my productivity time.’ But if you don’t do those things, your productivity is going to be way less. You’re going to be distracted and sidetracked throughout the whole day. Yeah, probably, yeah, not going have the energy, you’re going to be sitting in a computer and your hands gonna wander over to your phone, and you’ll be on social media for an hour and not even realize it

Lyss: That’s the hour that you could have been at the gym. Exactly. And like it kind of ties into that mindset of like when you get up in the morning, like make your bed because then you’ve already done something for the day. And it just kind of snowballs. When you’re waking up and you’re writing in your journal and you’re eating breakfast and you’re going to the gym and filling your cup up with all these things that you’ve been saying you wanted to do all year. You feel productive. You’ve already done something for the day. And it just snowballs because you’re just moving off, like checking it off the list, basically because you’re actually doing stuff that you’ve said that you want it to do. And you’re following through on it.

Larry: Yep. And by the time 910 o’clock in the morning rolls around. Yeah, it seems like it’s a little bit late in the day to be getting the ball rolling. But you’ve already checked off so many things on your list, to get yourself started to make sure you’re fed and your body is in good standing and your heads in a good space before you even start. And your productivity goes through the roof. I noticed that even yesterday, like doing this, I like didn’t have the need to like want to sit on my phone and kind of zone out for a while I would just I was productive, like meaningfully productive all day. Yeah, and done the work that needed to get done. And I felt good about it.

Key Take Aways for building a successful business as a couple.

Lyss: So what are the key takeaways for our listeners today, so that they can be more intentional in the relationship and the growth of their business.

A Decent Morning Routine

Larry: Have a decent morning routine that puts you in the right headspace first thing in the morning, then key the time and just set yourself up for success in the morning. Because there are so they will follow suit. And what if their partner like isn’t on board, you can try and get them on board. And if that doesn’t work, then do it yourself. 

Lyss: Setting that example he’ll see or she’ll see like what you’re doing. See how much more productive you are that you’re accomplishing your goals that you’re moving the needle on your business or your life. And they’re gonna be like, What are you doing girl.

Larry: Because if you’re in a relationship where you’re both getting up in the morning groggy. And you both get up have some coffee or a monster energy and you both go to work and blah, blah, blah, then there’s no change. But if some if one of you decides I’m going to start my day off differently… I’m going to have tea instead of coffee. And I’m going to spend 15 minutes journaling and, you know, dedicate even a small portion of your morning to yourself and to your self betterment.

It’s gonna impact you way more than anything else could, because you’re gonna feel motivated. Even if you’re not a gym person, you’ll feel more motivated, go to the gym and eat better. And just it puts you in that right headspace. Your partner will see that and say: ‘Wow, looks like you lost a few pounds, or you seem a lot happier, or you’re more put together.’ They might want to hop on board with that.

Lyss: Yeah. 100% kinda like when you’re on a diet, or you see your aunt on a diet and she’s dropped 15 pounds, 25 pounds. You’re like, Hey, Aunt Becky, Like, what are you doing? And it’s like, Here, why don’t you try this then you like want to try it? Because you just saw somebody else doing it. Same kind of thing. Yeah. When your spouse sees you or your partner sees you making moves in your life and moving the needle in your business, and I want to say like developing yourself better. They’re gonna hop on board.

Setting a Positive Example

Larry: Yeah, self development is attractive. Yeah. You know, you see someone that’s bettering themselves and doesn’t have to be physical and they don’t have to be losing weight. They don’t have to be doing whatever. But just seeing that somebody is putting intentionally putting themselves in a better spot is appealing.

Lyss: You’re so right. Like, it’s sexy, to see somebody bettering themselves with goals. It’s sexy that they’re working on their goals that they’re following through on their word. That’s such a sexy trait and characteristic that your partner’s subconsciously going to be attracted to it and want to do it too.

Larry: Yeah, I definitely feel that because we’ve talked about it in the past where I wasn’t always on board with everything that list was doing. And next you see, like they develop without you if you’re not on board, so to see like, oh, Okay, she’s doing this. And if I don’t get with it, I could potentially lose it. Yeah. So you know, it’s a motivating factor in itself that you might step outside of your partner’s League, so to speak. And they don’t want that.

Final Thoughts to building a successful business as a couple.

Lyss: I think we’ll leave it at that. Because this is a pretty long episode and it’s pretty juicy. Definitely start making some moves in your life to better yourself. Work on your goals and really follow through on the word that you like the promises that you made to yourself. Keep your word because you’re gonna feel so much better, you’re gonna have more self confidence. And you’re gonna see so many things in your life change, and it’s going to be for the better.

Larry: Definitely. And if you have any questions like you don’t know where to start, what to do, how to help yourself or your partner, reach out to us.

Lyss: Yeah, send us a DM on Instagram or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you and help you and try to support you any way that we can definitely. Hope everybody has a great day and we’ll see you next week. Bye.



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