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Building Businesses Together

I talk a lot about growing and tackling goals with your spouse here on my blog and on my podcast, and for good reason! You’ve chosen that person to take on life by your side, and it should be your priority to ensure you’re both on the same page. That doesn’t mean you have to be exactly the same or want all the same things, but it does mean communication and teamwork are the keys to success. I’m so happy to announce that Larry and I are now all-in with building businesses together — both of us are officially full-time participants of Garden in the Pines and our growing empire!

It Didn’t Happen Overnight

If you follow our podcasts — Making Mommy Moves Show or The Power Couple Show — you’ll know that Larry has had a long journey of transitioning from that 9-5 mindset to a place of enthusiasm about breaking free and running an empire on our own terms. At first, he just didn’t see how all those hours I spent researching, learning, and building were doing anything beneficial for our family. He saw my “obsession” with building a business as a waste of time that took away from our family and relationship. I slowly began exposing him to the books I was reading and podcasts I was listening to. When he gave in, he was converted! You can hear more about his perspective in my episode, Move Together Or Move Apart.

We’re Going All In!

I can’t even explain how liberating it is to say that we’re able to officially pull away from the 9-5 sense of security and go all-in on the business we’ve poured so much sweat and tears into. We hope you’ll invest in yourself and your business so that one day you’ll feel the same! If you’re looking for some extra guidance on how to get there, you can check out my guide to starting your first business and sign up for some business coaching!

What makes me especially grateful is that we will now have so much more time together as a family. Whether we’re all hanging out and pitching in for the business or spending time outside and going on adventures — Larry, me, and the girls will see so much more of each other. Ultimately, that was the dream. We’re so blessed to have achieved it.

It Takes a Village!

Mamas, I know you hear this a lot — it certainly takes a village. But the village isn’t just for raising kids. I’m a huge proponent of business owners and entrepreneurial moms building businesses together and sharing the wealth. We must prioritize community over competition because there really is room for everyone! Do me a favor and get yourself on The LYSST so I can keep you in the loop with all the new tips and resources I’m offering. This mama is so happy to have her village around her as she achieves her dreams — don’t miss out!

Talk soon!

XX – Lyss

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