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Making Mommy Moves Show Episode 31: Goal Setting

A goal is a way to define what you want to achieve. It should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timebound. You need to have a goal in order to have something to work towards. In business, goals help you measure progress and stay on track. In life, goals can help you make the most of your time and live a more fulfilling life. Without goal setting, it can be easy to get lost or feel like you’re not going anywhere. So set yourself a goal today and start working towards it!

Episode Takeaways

• Define what you want to achieve and work towards it.

• Help track progress and stay on track.

• Achieve more in life by goal setting.

• Make the most of your time by goal setting.


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Episode Transcript

Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode of making mommy moves show.

Thank you for tuning in today, I want to apologize because I’ve been a little MIA. We just finished up one of our busiest months ever in my business, Garden in the Pines. We had probably 15 weddings, not including freelance weddings, where I helped other florists with their events.

So I apologize if I missed a week.

This week we’re diving right back into it we’re getting back on schedule. We’re going to have Larry with me again later this week so that we can talk about all the things that we’ve been up to. In this episode I just wanted to give you a rough little update and some things that you can expect from us.

Big Goal: Writing My First Book

Last week, I started writing my book. This has been something that’s been a bucket list item for a really long time. And, it’s actually one of the backbones and reasons as to why I started this podcast.

I wanted to bring you along on the journey with me as I write my book, launch it, and publish it and I set a goal to have it launched before my 26th birthday on January 25. It is October 11, 2022 right now, and I think it’s a really doable goal. So with that in mind, I finished my outline last week and I started my first draft.

So today I was able to get 2300 words-somewhere in there 2437, something like that. You can find it on TikTok with the right number. But today, I sat down for an hour and I just typed my heart out. I’m following Jake Kelfer. If you don’t know him, he is a three times bestselling author working on writing his fourth book before his birthday. I wanted to hop onboard because I need that accountability.

I need that action and I wanted to work step by step with him. So sign up for his text list [or listen to his podcast] if you’re not already on it, so that you can join the journey with us.

But my first draft is underway and I’m so excited about it because I actually feel like I’m taking action on my goals and if you’re anything like me, I’ve started a lot of projects and have difficulty with the follow through. So having the accountability partner is really awesome.

Goal Setting

I want to talk to you a little bit more about goal setting in general, because we’re coming up on the end of the year and this is something that I’ve been really talking with Larry about because it’s like, we don’t need to wait until January to finish or start or whatever we wanted do, we can start now and be a hell of a lot closer to whatever goal we want to have in the new year.

So we’ve still got like three months at this point, two and a half months. Let’s say that, because it’s October 11. So two and a half months to get a good head start on whatever goal you want to set in the new year.

So we’re trying to get back into the gym, we actually have time now to commit to it. It is a priority so we’re starting that this week, I have that intention set and you’re holding me accountable for it.

We are officially (both of us) full time in our businesses. Larry, joined the team! I say that lovingly, because he’s been in it the whole time but he’s officially full time in our businesses as of last week. So we’re really excited about the momentum that he’s creating and the things he has he wants to accomplish.

We’ll be able to talk about that more later when I have him on but it’s just a lot of exciting stuff happening.

Join The Journey

And you guys are along with us for the journey! I want it to be really, you know, from the get go, I said that I wanted this podcast to be a come along with me because we don’t have it figured out. We just have an intention of where we’re going and one hell of a work ethic to get there and I want it to be really a reminder for you guys and an inspiration and kind of an accountability partner for you to accomplish whatever goals you’re hoping to accomplish, to come along the journey with us, take steps every day- really intentional, actionable steps so that you’re able to accomplish your goals too.

So I want to leave it at that for you with just a little quickie little update and I’m going to have Larry back on a little bit later so that we can dive into some other big things and big ideas and big discussions. So please tune in and I will see you on the next one. Bye

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