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Why Everyone Needs a Pretty and User-friendly Website

You need a beautiful, user-friendly website that represents you and your brand on the Internet. Yet, so many business owners are still resisting this necessity, and it’s so hard for me to understand why!

Tell me this hasn’t happened to you: You’re searching online for a new local business, whether you need a haircut and dye, polished nails, a tutoring service, a daycare… anything. As you’re typing in those keywords into Google, you’re becoming increasingly frustrated because you can’t find a business with a website that offers the crucial information you need to make a decision.

Are you currently one of those businesses? Let’s talk about how a pretty and user-friendly website can completely turn things around for your reputation and your profits.

1. Your Website Offers Your Best First Impression

Everything is online anymore, and if you aren’t online for your business, then you’ll likely never be found by customers – at least not the right ones. Of course, being online can mean quite a few things. At the most basic level, your business is hopefully listed by a type of directory like Yellow Pages. One step above is to be listed by Google Maps. Further, you might even have a basic page on Facebook. While these forms of online presence are a great start to proving your business exists, they do nothing to educate, intrigue, and convert customers.

Why? They offer no real first impression, or if they do, it’s that you haven’t put much thought into having a first impression online.

On the flip side, having a beautiful, user-friendly website that takes care to represent your brand and what you offer acts as the best first impression.

2. Communicate Your Process, Values, And Personality In-Depth

One of the best reasons to have a website for your business is to offer a one-stop-shop for everything a customer would need to know before they choose you. In just a minute or two, your website visitor should be able to find every piece of information they need and be able to contact you, find you, or make the sale without skipping a beat.

First, your website must represent your brand. You personality needs to shine through so that customers can get an accurate gut feeling for whether you’re the perfect fit. Second, you’ll want to make sure you and your brand’s values are both explicitly listed and made obvious through your messaging. Finally, you’ll want to include a simple overview of your process so that potential customers know what to expect – the fear of the unknown can be paralyzing to many, meaning you’re losing out on tons of customers!

3. Platform For Testimonials And Portfolios

In almost every industry, a potential customer or client will be looking for social proof that your business is legit and the products and services are top-notch. A website is the perfect place to create a showcase of all your successful partnerships and satisfied customers. You can create a feed, gallery, or other artful way to show off raving reviews and awards. You’ll also want to set up a type of portfolio to show off your work if that’s applicable to your industry.

4. If Information Is Hard to Find, It’s On To The Next One!

As you’ve probably gathered, pretty and user-friendly websites are important because they make it super easy for potential customers to find everything they’d ever want or need in one place. Sure, they could just call you or take a chance by visiting in person, but who are they really going to choose… The local business that only has a Facebook page with minimal information or the business that has a simple yet informative and beautiful website?

Don’t expect your target audience to work hard to find information on you, they’ll just move on to someone else!

Busy People Appreciate A User-Friendly Website

As an ultra-busy mom of two running multiple businesses, I’m always going to choose the business that makes my decision-making process as quick and easy as possible. I’m also just more likely to trust a business that has clearly taken the time and invested the money into a fabulous site that works to convert me. Take that knowledge and assess how your business is represented online! If you’re looking for a skilled and speedy website design service, MAMA MEDIA is who I used to create my beautiful website and I will always recommend them!

Once you have a pristine website, you can take your business to the next level with a CRM (client relationship management software) as well. I’ve recentlvvy discussed my favorite CRM for working moms in my journal.

You should also definitely check out my guide that offers 6 Tips to Starting Your First Business, or let me know if you’re interested in my business coaching services! Hope this all helps 🙂

Talk soon!

Xx – Lyss

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