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Making Mommy Moves Episode 29: Keep Pushing Yourself

One of the most important keys to success is consistency. You need to know when to keep going and when to stop, and act as if you are what you want to be. This means that if you want to be a writer, you should write every day. If you want to be an athlete, you should train every day. And if you want to be a successful business person, you should work on your business every day.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should never take a break. Everyone needs some time to relax and recharge. But in general, it’s important to be consistent in your actions if you want to achieve your goals. Make sure to tune in to this episode and hear Alyssa and Larry actionable tips.

Today`s Goal: As long as you are taking consistent action towards your goal, you will eventually reach it. Just remember to stay focused and keep taking those small steps forward. Success is just around the corner.

Episode Takeaways:

  • Know when to stop and when to keep going.
  • Pushing yourself beyond your limit to find out where your limit is.
  • You should never feel like you’re an impostor when you are growing.
  • Act as if you are what you want to be.
  • Being uncomfortable is part of the process of growing.

Episode Transcript

Alyssa: Hey, everybody, welcome back to another episode of The Making Mommy Moves show. We’ve got Larry, back with us again today. And I apologize for any delay because we are still recovering from our busiest weekend of the year, we had our busiest event of the year and everything turned out beautifully. But man, we’re tired. And we wanted to actually talk to you guys about that this week, because we really believe in consistent action and showing up and putting in the work. And even though you’re tired, still keep going. So let’s start with that.

Larry: It definitely starts with pushing yourself, for sure. But also knowing when to stop and finding your limits.

Alyssa: Yeah, ‘knowing,’ that’s the key word or where are your limits, because we are very, our limits are pretty far I guess, I should say. But we also need to acknowledge when our bodies are telling us that we need rest and like you need to go to bed right now. You can pick it up in the morning.

So on, what was it? Saturday night? I had pushed myself and it was a good thing that I did, because it ended up paying off on Sunday for our big event. But we had gotten back from an event three hours away and immediately jumped in production for our next day. And it was probably 11:30PM. Midnight? That we were like, Okay, this is the last thing we’re doing. And we’re going to bed because we need to be well rested for tomorrow. So we actually did like push ourselves to the right limit, because we ended up like having the perfect timeline. Even though it was very rushed. It worked out. Even though it wasn’t exactly what we had planned. But that kind of brings us back to the pushing yourself and knowing your limit.

Larry: I feel like you can push yourself beyond your limit. To find out where it is. And I feel like that’s kind of what we did this weekend having four events in a row, because I remember when you booked two of them, because two of them were out of state and you booked them and you’re like, I’m feeling ambitious. Let’s book these two. And we already had two other events booked at the same time. [And I felt] Like if you feel like we can do it. We will get it done.

Alyssa: But I think that was our limit anything more than that would have been too much unless it played out like a little differently. Two events we had were small, and two of them were big. And the fact that two of them were out of state made it all that more challenging. As far as like timeline, logistics and whatnot. Thankfully, we had a really good team with us and everything worked out beautifully. But anyway, don’t push yourself too far, or do- to find out where your limit is.

Larry: I think the whole point is that you need to push yourself and not just say, ah, we already have two events that weekend. We don’t need two more. And [instead] test the waters of your capabilities, doesn’t matter what you do, you know. And then now next time it’s like alright, well, we already have two events. And we don’t want to go out of state. So probably pass on that.

Alyssa: Or be more selective, be more intentional. But I like what you said about sometimes you need to push yourself because that’s where the growth happens.

Larry: Yeah, outside of your comfort zone. And we’re all sorts of outside of our comfort zone lately.

Alyssa: Yeah, we feel like we’re swimming out of water. And I guess that’s a good thing. Because that’s where you know, you’re growing. And we feel like we’re growing. I just had that mindset shift today that I’m like, Man, I feel like a better version of myself. And I think I said next level of myself which is a really cool feeling that you finally feel secure and confident in what you’re doing. And you’re able to take it to the next level.

Larry: Yeah, and things like your service, whatever it is, your pricing structure, what you charge, because I know that for a while you had a hard time, like on the phone, talking to people saying our minimum is whatever and now you’re getting out of your comfort zone and proving it that you’re worth what you say you’re worth. And not feeling like you’re an imposter.

Alyssa: I feel like that’s when you know you’re growing is when you feel like you’re an imposter. So, like right now I actually feel confident in myself. And it means that I’m actually ready to take it up another level. I want to say you should always feel like you’re an impostor. Because that’s when you know you’re growing. To an extent you like acting as if you are what you want. So for me, I want to book high value, luxury weddings. So I act as if I already do- I’m posting those photos and communicating to those brides. I’m sharing those things on our website and on our blog, and all of those things, acting as if we are working in those venues, freelancing for people that are working in those venues. So I’m putting myself in the room. I’m acting as if I’m doing them. And that, I think, has a lot to do with it. So that kind of makes you feel like you’re an impostor because you’re not actually even though you’re acting as if you are. That’s also like the law of attraction coming through.

Larry: Yeah. Oh, and especially now you’re not acting anymore. You are. So I think that’s a good point to realize is that act as if until you are and then change the act. Because now you are booking the high dollar you are at the level that you want it to be. So now

Alyssa: Get up a notch! But, I feel like that goes for everything like not just in business. Act as if you are: already skinny, act as if you are already fit, act as if you are in the relationship of your dreams, act as if you are a mother, act as if you are a fantastic mother. Like do the things that you would be doing if you thought that you were those things and you will become those things. Does that help? Does that make sense?

Larry: Yeah. And to kind of put a bow on it & bring it back around and the acting as if, and being uncomfortable, and pushing yourself- it all plays together in that you need to get uncomfortable. And you need to say, All right, I want to do this and then act like it. And it might feel uncomfortable, feel weird, like you’re a fraud. But that’s part of the process. It’s part of growing.

Alyssa: That’s really good. Like, we’re gonna keep this short for you guys, because we are beat and we are trying to be consistent and coming on when we said we would [and] stick to our schedule and just give you as much content as we can, as much inspiration [as possible] to keep you moving in the right direction and growing in your life and your business. So if you liked this episode, tag it with your friends [and] tag us in it so we see it we could share it. Send us a DM @lyss.morton and @mortmotoshow on Instagram.

Larry:Yeah. If you want to reach out to me, reach out to her and she’ll let me know.

Alyssa: All right, everybody. Tune in to the next one. And we’ll see you next time. See ya. Bye.



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