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Making Mommy Moves Episode 22: Announcing Our Newest Business Endeavor… A Boutique Creative Digital Production Company

Are you a small business owner or creator looking to take your brand to the next level? MAMA MEDIA TEAM is here to help. With our strategic content creation and management services, we will help you grow your business and reach your aligned clients. Our team of experts have premier editing skillsets and unmatched attention to detail. We are also passionate about every marketing decision we make, ensuring that your brand communicates effectively with your target audience. With our help, you can take your business to new heights and achieve the success you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you grow your business.

MAMA MEDIA’S TEAM passion is to help other small business owners and creators market their services and passions through our premium management and strategy packages.

Today`s Goal: Work with the best in the industry to create custom content that accurately represents your brand and speaks to your ideal client.

Episode Highlight:

02:05 – There’s a lot of work behind the scenes that comes into play when I’m trying to build this brand in this business and I obviously can’t do it alone. So I put together this team of really talented people that have been my life savers.

04:16 – So MAMA MEDIA came to be because of all of the work that I was putting into creating this team and I’m like, you know what, I know probably five people on the top of my head that need this.

05:54 –  Find a service that you need and we’re able to help you bring your creativity to life. We’re helping you share your story with the world whether that’s through social media or through your podcast or your YouTube channel or whatever media that you’re looking for.

15:50 – Ultimately, Mama Media was brought to life so that we can help you fulfill all of your content creation needs, marketing needs, we can strategize together, really make sure that we’re communicating with the right clients for your brand and business to ultimately help you reach your goals wherever they are.

Episode Transcript

Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode of The Making Mommy Moves Show. I’m so happy and grateful that you’re here with me today. I’ve got a really exciting announcement that I’ll be sharing with you today. 

I am so excited, I hope that it’s really helpful for anybody that’s watching the show, that hears about it, that knows somebody that could use it, because I know it saved my life. 

So today, I want to share with you a new business that we had decided to open. And I want to give you a little bit of background as to why we opened it and like the mentality behind it and how it came to be. And then I’m going to share with you how it’s going to help you in your life, especially if you’re a mom-preneur, influencer, a business owner or if somebody that you know is one of those things. 

So the business is called MAMA MEDIA. And it came to be because I have put a lot of time and effort into crafting my team. And what I mean by that is my team to bring this brand to life. So that means the podcast, the YouTube videos, the edits, the social media management, everything: blog writing and content creation, you name it. 

There’s a lot of work behind the scenes that comes into play when I’m trying to build this brand in this business. And I obviously can’t do it alone. So I put together this team of really talented people that have been my life savers, because I truly would not have any time to spend with my kids or anything if I was doing this all on my own to bring it to life, especially with our other businesses that we have. Because we’ve got garden in the pines, we’ve got Jersey strike, we’ve got floral preservation, we’ve got a lot of moving parts behind the scenes, and obviously, one person can’t do it all.

So I’m so excited about this because I get to share my team with you. I know that so many people struggle with the idea of content creation, especially for small business owners, because we have this desire to be creative and to do what we love and serve the people that we’re trying to help, And so much time is sucked out with social media, especially across all the platforms- reels, Tik Tok alone take so much time, especially because you want to post at the optimal time, right.

 So, with that in mind, we put together this badass team of really creative, talented people that are able to offer that for you. We’re going to be offering different services that are able to help relieve all of those really stressful tasks of content creation, when you just want to be serving the people that you love. Or having a life outside of that, right. 

So Mamma Media came to be because of all of the work that I was putting into creating this team. And I’m like, You know what, I know, probably five people on the top of my head that need this. People have said that they need help with social media management, they need help with content creation. They don’t want to make reels. They don’t know how to make rules. They don’t know how to work tik tok, I was one of those people. And I’m like, why don’t we do this, I already have the people in place. Let’s share my people with the world. 

So MAMA MEDIA, the idea came today because obviously we’ve got the Making Mommy Moves Show, we’ve got the Power Couple Show, I’m really trying to put it focus on moms and trying to have more time with your kids and just moms being really empowering and badass, and I want to be able to focus on that. So I’d love to ideally have some moms working for us to get them some side income and some part time work, especially if you want some extra spending money to go do fun things with your kids that have the flexibility of working remotely, but also to help moms that are mompreneurs business owners that need to have more time and that they’re being sucked up with their time on Instagram and reels and editing YouTube videos and creating podcasts and all the things. 

So with all of that in mind, Mama Media was born today. Today- MAMA MEDIA is live- today is September 12. And you can go to mamamedia.org. That’s mamamedia.org. And you can check out our beautiful website.

I designed it myself, we’re going to be offering website design services as well. And I hope that you love it. I hope that you find a service that you need. And we’re able to help you bring your creativity to life. 

We’re helping you share your story with the world whether that’s through social media or through your podcast or your YouTube channel or whatever media that you’re looking for. We hope that we’re able to help you tell your story and get your brand out to the world and get you more customers and clients and brand deals and whatever you’re looking for. 

So a little bit about the services that MAMA MEDIA has to offer. We’ve got podcast editing and production. We’ve got YouTube editing and production. We’ve got social media management and production. We’ve got website design, we’ve got blog writing, pretty much anything that you can think of if you have something special that you’re looking for, come to our website to submit an inquiry, send us an email at info@MAMAMEDIA.ORG. And I’d love to answer your questions and help you any way that we can.

So I want to dive into the specifics of the different services a little bit more, because I think, at least for me, I don’t even know what’s possible until I look into it. So as far as podcast editing and production is concerned, there’s two separate services. 

Production would be helping you get it off the ground, helping you launch, helping you create your brand, helping you to build your audience such as getting on other podcast shows and getting guests on your podcast, trying to get more ears on your show, right. 

And then there’s editing. That is everything behind the scenes and maintaining your podcasts. So that would be helping you record podcast episodes, editing them for you, that means removing any kind of ‘ums’ or weird mouth noises. I know that sometimes you could hear saliva and stuff. And that just sounds gross. So you need to edit that out. 

In editing, they also add the intro and outro and music behind any fun parts that you’re looking for, as you name it, to help you create that seamless listening experience on whatever podcast platform that you’re using will be able to help you with all of that. 

Likewise, YouTube is its own beast. And YouTube involves two different aspects. There’s obviously video recording that takes a lot of time because YouTube requires a very specific editing style for really beautiful videos, you want to keep viewers engaged. So that means you know different B-ROll across the screen. That means, you know, different camera movements so that it keeps the viewer watching, that’s YouTube- keep the viewer watching your video and any future videos that you have. And the longer that they watch, the more it’s going to push it out to other people that would be interested in it. So that’s its own little ballgame.

We’ve got YouTube intros YouTube outros, you know, words pop up on the screen incentives to click and like and subscribe. Instagram handles, whatever you need to keep the viewer engaged and also have all the information that they need from the video. On the other end of that YouTube has its own special SEO requirements. 

So we have people that can help you optimise your videos so that you get more subscribers or more viewers are seeing your episodes. And overall your YouTube channels grow into something that you can monetize and use it to grow your brand and your business. 

So that means adding video back links. That means optimising the titles and the thumbnail images and the descriptions and all of the backend stuff. You can add extra videos into your video so they can click on it and be taken to another one of your videos. All of that kind of backend stuff would be in the YouTube SEO category.

Another one of our services is social media creation and management. I know that there are so many platforms out there, myself as the Lyss Morton brand, we’ve got Instagram, we’ve got Tik Tok, we’ve got Facebook, we’ve got LinkedIn, we’ve got Pinterest, there are so many platforms. And I know that there’s more, there’s discord, there’s Reddit, there’s other specialty apps like peanut and only fans, or Patreon, like there’s so many different platforms out there. And we’ll be able to help you curate the best ones for you to be on. 

We’re going to analyse the statistics so that we know that we’re on the right path. And that we’re focusing our attention on the platforms that are working for you. And we’re going to help you create the content and post regularly so that you never miss a day. I know that there’s scheduling apps out there. But sometimes, you know, blips come up and you miss like four days, and you don’t even realise it because something went wrong with the connection on Instagram or Facebook or whatever you’re using. 

So with our social media managers, you’re going to have a special person assigned to your account, and they’re going to stay on top of it, you’re going to have easy organisation and approvals through our project management software, you’re going to be able to proofread your captions. You can be as involved as you want. Basically, if you want to approve everything you can, or you could say, You know what I trust you, I want nothing to do with this, please handle it for me. And we can do that to. 

Something else that we offer is website design.

This is my specialty. And I’m going to be bringing in more people that can help as we get more clients that require our services. But we like to use show it and they create beautiful websites, everything’s going to be optimised for SEO, it’s going to be beautifully easy to navigate so that your customers don’t get lost. And they’re directed nicely through the process of getting to that contact form or that sales page or whatever they’re looking for. And your website is going to convert more clients. 

This is good. All right. So your website is going to be your first place that people go to look at you. It gives them everything that they need to know about your business pricing, how you work, how they can work with you, and it’s going to show them why they should. So this means testimonials. This means client showcases and your portfolio and everything that they need to know say yeah, I want to work with her.

I know that a lot of us have the intention of creating content and reusing it on multiple platforms, which is obviously amazing, but you have to keep in mind that every platform has its own, I want to say, community and atmosphere. So it’s got its own culture and vibe.

So on TikTok, this is the way that I’ve heard it described anyway, so please correct me if I’m wrong. But Facebook is like your portfolio, like your resume, if you will, like it’s job approved, you’re not going to be overlooked for a job. If your boss found your Facebook page.

 Instagram is the highlights- Instagram is the highlight reel, it’s the best of the best, like everything that you want people to perceive. And then TikTok is like the 5:01PM, after you clock out of work, like the real you. 

With that in mind, you have to keep in mind the way people are watching on each platform. So each platform has its own way of keeping people engaged, and its own way that it likes videos created or posts or whatever you’re working on. 

So for example, YouTube likes horizontal style videos, a beautiful camera, really nice quality, long style formats. Instagram prefers content recorded on the phone, that requires like the reels the way that you keep people engaged.

 And then tik tok also likes like portrait style phone recording, but they’ve got a different style for the videos, then reels. 

So when you’re keeping this in mind, this is something that we’re taking into account when we’re taking your videos and utilising your content. So we might use the same content idea, and then break it down into different platforms. So YouTube might have a 20 minute long video, but Instagram might be a six second reel and tick tock might be a 90 second TikTok. Does that make sense?

So it’s going to have the same content, idea or premise, but it’s going to be broken down differently, to best suit, the platform.

I hope that answers all those questions. 

Blog writing. This is an organic way to get people to your website utilising SEO, which is search engine optimization. And SEO is basically how you get Google to push your content so that when people are searching for something that pops up in Google, it speaks Google’s language, just like YouTube has its own language. Google has its own language also. 

So blogs serve a couple of purposes like helping educate your clients on something, it helps showcase your past work or, like for me as a florist, like I’ll showcase working at certain venues. So when people search for that venue, we pop up those kinds of things. So this can work in your own business as well. 

Whether you’re a med spa, or a boutique or a restaurant, you’re able to utilise SEO to help people find what they’re looking for. So it might be like a Mexican restaurant. Maybe you’d have a blog all about top five favourite Mexican foods when you’re coming to New York City. I don’t know. Something like that. So when people are searching for Mexican food in New York City, yours pops up. And they’re like, ooh, this looks really good. Let’s go there.

That’s the idea anyway, but it also serves a purpose for educating your potential clients. If you’re a med spa, for example, you got all these different types of treatments, but people don’t know how they can help them. Giving them real life examples of this is the way that Botox helped somebody or this way that lip filler helped somebody else like non invasive lipo or this kind of facial is great for this kind of skin type. Those things are really helpful and will help you make more sales because they feel really relatable. Does that make sense? 

So ultimately, MAMA MEDIA was brought to life so that we can help you fulfil all of your content creation needs, marketing needs, we can strategize together to really make sure that we’re communicating with the right clients for your brand and business to ultimately help you reach your goals wherever they are. 

So schedule a complimentary consult call with me at info@mamamedia.org. Or you can go to www.mamamedia.org and go to the contact form on there, you’ll be prompted to schedule our free call. 

I’m so excited to connect with you. I’m so excited to help share how we can help you and your business grow. And I’m so excited to help relieve some of the tasks that are taking up so much time out of your life so that you can have more time with your kids and your family and ultimately living the life that you want without having to spend so much time on everything else bringing content into  the world. 

Thanks so much for tuning in to another episode of The Making Money moves show, please go to www.mamamedia.org that’s MAMAMEDIA.org for all the information about all of our services and how we can best help you. 

See you in the next one, everybody. Thanks for tuning in. Bye.



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