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Making Mommy Moves Show Episode 20: Unpacking a Tony Robbins Workshop about Growth Mindset

In this episode, Alyssa and Larry unpack a Tony Robbins workshop and share our thoughts about having a growth mindset and how our mindset affects the way we see life. They mention that one of the most important things Tony Robbins teaches is that we need to identify our limiting beliefs in order to change our mindset to be a growth mindset.

Alyssa and Larry mention some of the common limiting beliefs that people have, such as “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do it”. After discussing some of the ways in which these beliefs can hold us back, they share some tips on how to begin changing our mindset to be a growth mindset. Overall, this is an insightful episode that will leave you with a lot to think about.

Today’s goals: We encourage listeners to challenge their own limiting beliefs and to adopt a growth mindset. By doing so, We believe that anyone can achieve their full potential.

Episode Highlights:

– If your mind isn’t focus on the why and what you are hustling for your never going to be able to have that self-discipline and move the needle for that future growth.
04:50 – Once you have your growth mindset right and it set and ready to go then it’s how do you keep feeding it when you feel like you just totally drained financially and energy wise.
05:57 – I know that what I’m doing is going to have far greater result when I`m adding money to it. So with that same growth mindset in mind maybe you have to take a second job.
08:03 – Sometimes you are going to put that self-discipline hat on for other reasons, meaning that you are going to stick on your budget.



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Transcript of Episode 20: Unpacking a Tony Robbins Workshop

Alyssa: Hey everybody, this is Lyss Morton in with my husband, Larry Morton and we wanted to hop on here. It’s really late, it’s 1015PM and we just finished watching the Tony Robbins, they won like motivation workshop. And we’re feeling inspired and wanted to plug in the microphone as we talk about what we took away from it and let you guys in on a real live conversation that we’re having. 

Alyssa: So to begin, I know you’ve been feeling lately, like a lot of lack mindsets. How was it for you? 

Larry:That wasn’t really what I had written down for that. 

Alyssa: Well tell me like, just in general, like, what you got from it. Like, what were your initial feelings going into it? 

Larry: I didn’t really know what to expect going into it. But it was pretty eye opening like that. We just make our own barriers, and we build up walls to protect us, but it winds up holding us back. Yeah, he said like from progressing.

Alyssa: Yeah, He had said the walls that protect you also imprison you. 

Yeah, exactly. That one hit hard, I’ve been having a lot of mindsets and like acknowledging the self sabotage. lately. 

Larry: We do that a lot. 

Alyssa: From finances, to nutrition to working out to everything in between? No, really, it’s all rights. We don’t allow ourselves to stay on the right path. Because I feel like we tell ourselves that we don’t deserve it. Or we don’t need to stay on the right path. 

Alyssa:Definitely. So what were some of the things that you were feeling that the workshop helped open up, 

Larry: really just to break down those walls that you build up, in that it’s all in your head. Everything that you believe is all in your head, and can be changed to something that is better. 

Alyssa: So what were some of the walls that you had built up? 

Larry: Well, what I wrote down was everything that we’re doing, like, so many people have podcasts and make content that why should we there’s already so much out there. So like there’s so much competition, but why not? What’s to stop us from creating something, adding our input, and adding our value? 

Alyssa: Definitely.

Alyssa: I wrote down like three real big like limiting beliefs. And these are ones that I’ve had. Well, the first one is one that I’ve had, like, from my childhood things that I’m annoying. I don’t know necessarily where that came from, I just have it in my own head really. But something like deep for me is that when I talk, I have a really soft voice normally. So people probably just don’t hear me. But I take it as my voice is invalid. And then I’m annoying when I talk. So that’s like, my first one is that I’m annoying. And of course, what that cost me is that it cost me friendships and connections and being able to share my story and my experiences that could potentially help somebody because of that limiting mindset.

Alyssa: And that limiting belief. And the opposite of that would be that I’m actually inspiring and that my voice is valid, and it’s heard and that it’s strong. And my story matters. And 

Larry: yeah, everything that we have in our heads, it’s negative is all self-constructed. And it can be deconstructed and replaced with positive. You know, with getting rid of that belief that you think that you’re annoying that you’re invalid to you’re empowering 

Alyssa: so with that limiting mindset that my voice is annoying, and that I’m annoying as a person and that limiting belief that I’ve told myself, it’s holding me back from creating the personal brand or creating the story that creating our books, creating our podcasts, creating everything that we want to do in this life and for our kids and create the success and break the generational curses and create our wealth and it’s just holding us back from any potential opportunities that we could really be successful with.

Larry: Yeah, I feel the same way too with you know, my voice my opinions that it’s invalid doesn’t matter. But all it’s doing is stopping us and stopping me from growing and showing what we’re capable of. And you know what we have to say? That’s not all it does is it safeguards us from the possibility of failure, but it also prevents us from the possibility of success. 

Alyssa: Yeah. And what You tell yourself, it reinforces that limiting belief. So it’s like, you’ll find supporting evidence to support that limiting belief. But if you tell yourself the opposite, then you’ll support that positive belief and that reframed mindset, and you’ll find evidence to support that. So it’s like for the annoying thing. It’s like, well, people didn’t hear me when I’m talking, people didn’t, whatever to go along with that. But if I told myself, I’m actually inspiring, then it’s like, why am I inspiring, it’s because I’ve started our business from literally nothing. I’ve grown it so that I have 50 events this year, in my really like, first year of business. We’ve got an incredible family, we’ve got our background, we’ve got everything that we’ve learned. And it’s like, all of those reasons are, why we’re inspiring and why we should share our story and why it matters. So for you for starting your YouTube channel and sharing your experiences, like,

Larry: yeah, it’s like, I had the mindset that, like, my opinion, doesn’t matter. And like I said, there’s so many other people creating content, you know, in the area that I want to be in, but comparing myself just turning out to people that have been established for years. And like, who am I to encroach on their space when it’s not owned by anybody? It’s an open market for anybody to be in, 

Alyssa: 100%? Yeah, you’re just telling yourself, and that’s just gonna stop you. It’s going to imprison you. 

Larry: Exactly. It’s gonna stop you from ever even starting? 

Alyssa: Definitely. So what else did you write down? 

Larry: I didn’t sound good recordings. And I didn’t know what I was doing, when it came to any of this, because this is all foreign to me. But on the other side, or on the positive side is that I might not know what I’m doing. But I can always learn. And any questions I have, it’s just a Google search away. It’s all the information is at our fingertips. So it’s not a valid excuse to not 

Alyssa: Yeah, and like not for nothing, but you can find an online course for anything nowadays. So it’s like, you can find somebody on Instagram, or Tiktok, or the works Facebook. And pretty much find anybody that’s an expert in whatever you want to learn about. So if it’s starting a podcast, for example, like you could find somebody that there are podcasts about podcasting. Like I’m sure there’s podcasts about YouTube, I’m sure that there’s courses about creating YouTube accounts and channels and blogs, and like you can literally find anything at the search of Google, like you said, 

Larry: you can find anybody giving expert advice on anything on any platform, photography on YouTube and YouTube stuff on Tik Tok.

 And yeah, it’s can find it everywhere. Yeah. So like the limiting belief that you don’t know how to do something shouldn’t exist. And it’s very easy to flip that belief into 

Larry: you dismantle it and say, or you shouldn’t think that because it’s not true. You can learn anything. The resources are there,

Alyssa: you can take the power back. 

Larry: Exactly. One of my biggest things I wrote down was, you know, we’ll send it to myself, and see myself in recordings. And that’s just something that I’ve always disliked. But coming to the realisation that pretty much 100% of the people that are listening to this don’t know what I sound like in real life. So there’s no comparison for them to say, Oh, you sound weird in recording, because you’re so like, 

Alyssa: not for nothing. Like as your wife like I hear you talk in person. And I hear you talking recordings, and you sound exactly the same.

Larry: Would you just something that’s weird for me, because I rarely hear myself recording. Yeah, it’s just something a mental block to get over. Yeah. 

Alyssa: And the more that you listened to yourself, and the more that you talk and see yourself on recordings, the more normal be and the less you’ll think about it. That’s an added thing that like, the more you do something, the more natural it becomes, the more you do it, the better you get. Practice makes better. 

Larry: Yes, 

Alyssa: That’s nice. So was there any other like major takeaways from this overcoming mental block kind of workshop, 

Larry: just that we need to do it, and that we all have some sort of mental block to get over in order to grow and 

Alyssa: like deep rooted issues. 

Larry: And the only way to do it is to identify it. And to dismantle your belief as to why you think that negative thing is true. And replace it with something positive. 

Alyssa: The opposite of whatever you think is true, 

Larry: which is usually the total opposite of yeah, whatever your negative belief was, because it’s, you can find supporting evidence on either side. You can say, No, I shouldn’t start this because there’s too much competition. But on the flip side, is you say why shouldn’t I start this? You know, it’s a There’s a growing environment to growing fields. You know, people want to consume this content. So why not be involved in it? 

Alyssa: Yeah, exactly. I think that’s in anything. Yeah. Any business opportunity, any relationship that you want to have anything that you want to do? gowise? Just do it. Take it from Nike. 

Larry: Yeah, exactly. 

Alyssa: I think that that was good. I know that we’re tired. We want to go to bed. Yeah. Larry isn’t feeling good today. But we wanted to bring you into this conversation, because we figured we should just have at once. Instead of having it tonight after we talked about it, and then plugging in the microphone to talk about it again tomorrow, which we might and we might plug it back in to do that. But you get the real life. 

Larry: Yeah, the raw version. 

Alyssa: Yeah, post video.

Larry: 1030. And we’re struggling to keep our eyes open and talk while I put away the kids. Yeah. 

Alyssa: Well, thank you guys for tuning into the show. And as always, please share this with your friends, leave us reviews. For those that may not know new podcasts really, really really need your love and support so that we can stay on the platform and be seen by other people. So please show us love and we hope that you guys have a great day whenever you listen to this. Bye

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