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Making Mommy Moves Episode 17: Can I Be A Full-Time Employee AND Entrepreneur?

Many would say it’s impossible, a mere dream, a pie-in-the-sky mentality… but I’m here to encourage you, Mama. You can work full-time and build your business and raise your kids and love your husband AND take care of yourself.

If you’re doubtfully asking, “Can I be a full-time employee and entrepreneur?” Never limit yourself! If you have a vision for your life that doesn’t include the 9-5, that ditches societal norms, that allows you to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted and more, then manifest it. My husband and I have both worked full-time and built businesses simultaneously – my husband is still working full-time, so we get it. But we also know that we’re doing it, so you can, too. Here’s how.

Today’s Goals: Set a timeline for your goals that challenges you to hustle and keep your “WHY” in mind, then repeat your vision and your reasons to yourself all day, every day until you make it.


  • Building a business often has to happen while you’re still working full time, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Timelines are great to get started, but they’re also even better when they help you reach smaller goals faster and accelerate your growth as you go.
  • Finding your “WHY,” the reason you’re doing all this in the first place, is the key to changing your mindset and motivating yourself to go beyond anything you ever thought possible.

Episode 17 Transcript: Can I Be A Full-Time Employee AND Entrepreneur?

Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of The Making Mommy Moves show. I’m so excited that you’re here with me today as we talk about building a business while working full time. This one’s gonna hit home for a lot of people, at least a lot of people in my life and around me because I know that we’re kind of stuck in that middle class working nine to five kind of thing. And I’m really, really working to get out of that mindset. It’s still with me and I’m working full time in my businesses.

So let’s think about this for a second. What is your goal? I know I talked about this a lot, but I really want to hit home on it. What’s your goal? Where are you aiming for? What are you working for? Are you working to pay the bills? Are you working to create an empire? Are you working to put food on the table? Or are you working so you can spend more time with your family, change your mindset, shift the way that you’re thinking about work? Are you working so that you can move into your own house? Or are you working so you can live in your forever home? So that you can spend as much time in your forever home and take vacations whenever you want? Shift the way you think about things?

Your mind is the key to success. When you have the right mindset, you have the ability to change your whole life. When you’re thinking about how little you have, or “man life sucks” or “man, I just have to get up and go to work every day and I don’t get to enjoy life.” The second thing you start thinking about like, this is what I’m working for, the quicker you’re gonna get there. That’s the first step: shifting that mindset so that you’re not just hating your life going to work every day. Hating Your life and coming home to clean up after the kids and make dinner and go to bed, every day is Groundhog’s Day. Shift the mindset so you know that what you’re working toward so that you know that you’re working toward creating a life so that you can have more time, so that you can eat these healthy meals, so that you can live in a tidy home, so that you can spend more time with your kids, so that this is what you’re working toward.

As soon as you think about that everything else will fall into place. Once you have that mindset you have that fire inside of you about what you’re working toward, then that’s where the magic happens. Then you start staying up late so that you can clean the house and have a tidier space for you to work in so that you’re not cluttered. When you’re getting creative and building your business and thinking about all your marketing strategies and the ways that you’re going to make this empire of yours… The quicker you start thinking about “man, I’m going to work every day so I can build this.” The later you’re going to stay up so that you can write your book, so that you can create everything that you want in your life. The sooner that you start thinking about “man, I’m going to work every day so I can find my forever home.” The sooner you don’t have a problem staying or picking up an extra shift if you need to. Selling to anybody that will listen to you. Staying up late to update your branding and your website so that you’re communicating to the right people that want to buy from you.

The sooner you start thinking about everything that you want to do the needle start to move. What I mean by that is, let’s say that you have a timeline. That’s what I want to think about it. So let’s say you give yourself five years to make $1 million. Let’s say year one, you’re not really working toward it. You’re going to work every day you’re too tired at night. You don’t have anything inside of you to even begin working on. Nothing’s moving in that five-year, that one-year timeline for that five-year goal.

Year two, maybe a couple of minutes to make you start staying up late. And you start to see maybe you make a sale for your photography business and like okay, things are picking up a little bit. As soon as you start shifting that mindset, you start staying up late. Every night. You start waking up tired. You fit in one rest day a week so that you can recharge but you’re hustling every other day of the week. You’re using that brain to think about how you can expand your business and grow your side hustle so that you can accomplish your goals. Once you start seeing that happen. You’re booking three weddings a week. You’re booking family sessions and your power your business you’re selling out of your Christmas mini sessions. The needle is moving so much closer to your goal.

Let’s say year one, you made $1,000. By Year Three with all of that work, you’ve grossed $400,000. You still have two more years to reach that goal. But if you shrink that down and say you have one more year to reach that goal, think about all the ways that you’re going to grow that business so that you can expand it to the next level. Maybe you create a photography course and sell your presets online or you teach photographers how to use their cameras or the way that you teach dads to take their cameras to the park so they can take pictures of their family so that they don’t have to pay a photographer to do it. Think about all the people that would take that course soon your $400,000 mark is $800,000, and then $1,000,001… point 2 million… and before you know it you’ve created this empire because you put work in you put the work into yourself into your goals into your mission.

As soon as you shifted that mindset. You started to see the needle move. You started to see the work that you were putting in every week, the consistent action that you were taking. Accomplish that goal. Working full time is exhausting. Trust me I’ve done it. My husband is doing it right now we know it’s a struggle, but we know what we’re working toward. We know our goals and we repeat them every single day to each other and to ourselves that we know why we’re staying up so late. Why we’re working when we’re tired, why we’re trying to prioritize our family time when we have it so that we can build the Empire we’re trying to create and we see that needle moving, we see the action that we’re taking, the consistent action that we’re taking, the inspired action we’re taking turn into everything we want it to be and more.

How are you going to move the needle today? What mommy move are you going to make so that you can create the family and the life that brings you joy? Think about it, and tag me on Instagram and let me know. I can’t wait to see all the actions that you take to move the needle in your life. The mommy moves that you take so that you can create a life filled with joy, happiness, fulfillment and so much success.




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