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Making Mommy Moves Ep 15: Using Social Media to Build Your Business Without Burnout

Social media truly is the bane of the business owner’s existence. It drains so much time and energy, and even time-saving practices aren’t enough to make it tolerable sometimes.

At the same time, using social media to build your business is extremely important to reach your audience, gain exposure, and communicate what’s going on to your clients and customers. In order to keep myself going strong and build my business with social media without completely burning out, I’ve learned a few really important lessons I’d love to share with you here!

Today’s goal: Implement work-life boundaries, crush limiting mindsets, and remember to give yourself grace as you learn and grow on social media to build your business.


  • Remember not to compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapters 5, 10, or 20 – you’re not going to start off with 100k followers or show-stopping engagement levels, it takes time!
  • To effectively use social media to build your business, find platforms and areas of opportunity that allow you to meet your audience where they are and engage, even if they aren’t as popular as TikTok or Instagram
  • Block out content that brings on negativity and reinforces your limiting mindsets while learning to fill your feeds with inspiring and helpful content instead.
  • Establishing boundaries and being realistic – there’s life outside of work, and the world won’t end if you need to put on Do Not Disturb to stop getting bombarded with notifications

Episode 15 Transcript: Using Social Media to Build Your Business Without Burnout

Hi everybody, welcome to the Making Mommy Moves Show. I’m so glad to come back for another episode of today’s little mini-session. It’s just going to be you and I chat and I want to talk about social media and burnout and comparing yourself and all the negative things that seem to come from it. I know that social media can be such a powerful tool when used correctly and helps you bring people closer together. It helps to build your audience, build your business, market, advertise… but there’s also a lot of downfalls, right? Like you compare yourselves to people that you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to, you begin to doubt yourself, you begin to doubt your ideas and your strategies. and just your overall business and opportunities.

So in today’s episode, I really want to dive into that. I know that I personally struggle with it. And I have to constantly remind myself not to compare my chapter one to you know, Jenna Kutcher, who’s been doing this for like 10 years, or Chris and Laurie Harder who have also been doing this for like 10 years, or somebody that has a different kind of headstart. So I want to show you like some of the things that I’m doing to try to help reduce that. And also encourage you to just keep going on your journey because at the end of the day, consistent action is going to seriously move the needle for you. And that’s what we’re here for, right? We’re going to make mommy moves together.

So obviously the first thing that we’re going to talk about is not comparing yourself to somebody else to chapter 25. You don’t know what’s going on behind their scenes, like first off because they’re lightyears ahead of you that they’ve been doing this. They’ve been learning through the journey all this time while you’re just getting started. But they also probably have a team of people behind them. They’re outsourcing tasks there. They’ve got the processes nailed down. They’ve got their analytics, they’ve got a lot of stuff to compare what they’re doing to so that they’re able to make really consistent action and really intentional action that’s going to move the needle more than nervousness.

So I was listening to a podcast yesterday, and they were talking about, like in direct to consumer-based businesses, like planning for your fourth quarter, which is September through December, because obviously the holidays are really big at that time of year. Right? So you need to start planning for that early. Ideally like Quarter Three, quarter two even. So they were talking about one of these people that they had on the show. She had her fourth quarter planned like that. And with that in mind, if you’re just starting your business in September, don’t feel discouraged to not go for a Black Friday sale or like a Christmas sale or something else. Start the process now. You’re gonna get some data and you’ll be able to compare that data to those results next year.

You’ll be able to start planning earlier, you’ll be able to just take all the feedback that you can get. So by comparing yourself to somebody else’s chapter 25 or they’re behind the scenes, you have no idea what’s happening. You’re very likely downgrading your successes as a business owner. So that’s something I do a lot I have to remind myself that this is only really my second year of business owning Garden In The Pines, and first year for our other businesses, for, you know, the podcasts and everything else that we have going on in our life. And of course, like I’m always thinking of new ideas too. So it’s like, I can’t compare myself to anything else. I’m just now starting something else. So don’t compare your successes to that of anybody else’s.

Because when you reflect back on it, like what I reflect back on my first month of business and where I’m at now it’s like… I had done no weddings or events as a wedding florist. I had just launched a type of service. I think I sold like $800 worth of flowers and I spent like $700 so there really wasn’t any money made. But I took that and I learned from it. And now this year we have 50 events that we’re serving florals for we’ve grown so much in our design capabilities, people are requesting us for next year, we have a minimum in place… like all these things have grown so much in just a year and a half’s time, compare that look back on yourself last year 18 months ago and see how far you’ve come. And then you’ll feel motivated to keep going so on that same note in the comparing yourself kind of thing.

I had just saw that one of my favorite people that I follow on Instagram is starting a podcast and it’s not a fair comparison. I just started my podcast, but she’s got 1 million followers and the TV show and all these things on you know social media like this whole big like cult-like following and we’re just starting I can’t compare that to her. It’s like she’s gonna be top ranked on Apple like the first day. And a lot more work for me on equal starting points. Compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

So with all of that in mind, I want to encourage you to maybe block out content that isn’t inspiring you or is actually encouraging that kind of defeating mindset, that limiting mindset, that scarcity mindset, or any of negative ones that you might be thinking on that same note. Follow people that are gonna light you up and inspire you and that you could potentially collaborate with. Collaborate with people in your area that are in your niche, and maybe branch out to a different platform that people are just like starting to pick up. Like notice, like, I just recently joined Peanut. If you’re on there, please come join my group. It’s the Making Mommy Moves group. And this is like a newer platform that moms are going to communicate, build relationships, make friendships, like all those kinds of really cool things. So it’s like this is like a really good place for me to be being that I’m trying to connect with other moms and inspire them. It’s like that’s where I should be going. Not that TikTok or LinkedIn isn’t also important, but maybe branch off to the other places that might have the potential to be really successful for you.

Likewise, when connecting with other business owners that are also going through the same thing or on the same level playing field, you’ll be able to connect with each other build relationships, you’ll be able to utilize each other’s audiences do giveaways together, really collaborate on different ideas, maybe going on a business partnership together, like the ideas are endless, but most importantly, they’re gonna relate to everything that you’re going through. So they’ll relate to the struggles with the algorithms or staffing issues like right now like everybody’s experiencing that. So don’t be afraid to send a DM, follow, comment, try to meet up with people get coffee, go to breakfast, go for a walk like anything, get them on your podcast.

If anybody wants to come on my podcast, please I can’t wait to connect with you!

So on that same wavelength of blocking out content that doesn’t inspire you, try to draw content more as like inspiration from these people instead of thinking about like comparing yourself to them. Think about like, what they’re doing to communicate with your audience, how they’re responding to things that they’re talking about, in the lines like networks, so use that for whatever your niche is and roll with it.

Finally, like when it comes to social media marketing and just business in general. I think it’s really important that you establish boundaries. I know that’s hard. That’s really hard, especially when you’re starting a business. You want to answer emails as soon as possible. You want to answer your DMS, respond to everybody. But you got to keep in mind that this is not real life. Like you have a life outside of yourself. You should be living, you should be going for walks, you should be having time with your kids. You should be having time with your spouse. Go on date nights. Like it shouldn’t just be work 24/7. And I’m kind of like saying that to myself also because I was up until probably 12 o’clock last night. I woke up at four o’clock with the baby and then couldn’t go back to sleep. So it’s like I also need that reminder that there’s life outside of work and creation and business.

So with that in mind, establish some boundaries, and maybe remove your email from your cell phone so that you’re not checking it all day long. Like maybe only check it when you’re on your computer so that you have that light switch moment turned on that from 10 to 5 I’m gonna be working on my computer I could check my email all day while I’m on it. But after that, they can get a response in the morning kind of thing.

Something else that I do that’s really helpful. So I turn on Do Not Disturb when I’m trying to really focus and get work done on my computer, or when having a meeting or whatever I’m trying to do. This is really important because I will constantly have dings and notifications going off whether it’s probably Instagram or Tiktok or you know my daughter’s… this is gonna sound bad but I have the important notifications turned on. But my daughter’s daycare like has an app that notifies me every probably 15 minutes of them eating and playing this game and photos outside and it’s like I only really need to know if I’m getting a message. So with that in mind, I turn those off so that I only get the messages because those are the only things that are really important in the moment that I need to go get them from school or they’re sick or whatever the scenario is, so don’t be afraid to turn on Do Not Disturb. If they are texting you from an iPhone, they’ll be able to see that you have Do Not Disturb turned on.

Don’t stress, they’ll know that you’ll respond. And just because it’s somebody else’s emergency, it doesn’t make it your emergency. But that one’s like give yourself some space set those boundaries and give yourself some grace because you’re doing amazing things and the consistent action and the reflection on your goals and where you’re going with your life is going to go so far. I promise.

I want to end on that. I want you to reflect. Let’s do the power nine that Chris and Laurie Harder always preach. Let’s do three excited about, three grateful for’s, and three manifests to reflect on your goals, what you’re working toward. Things that you’re grateful for, the things that are coming in your life that you’re so excited about because those are the things and that reminders gonna seriously keep you moving forward and it helps make the difficult things easier because you’re like, This is just a lesson. This is how we’re going to improve this. This is where we’re going from here.

So three things I’m grateful for. I’m grateful for my little girls. I’m grateful for the way that my mind works because I’m constantly thinking of new ideas and I know that there’s so much opportunity and I think just keep going, it’s gonna pay off. And I’m grateful for my husband because he’s the most amazing partner that I could ever have in my life. I’m excited for the conversation I’m going to have with my podcast editor today because we’ve got some really good ideas that we can’t wait to work on together. I’m excited for this podcast to come out. I’m excited to get to work on some of the other ideas that I have going on. And you know, I’m gonna throw in a bonus one. I’m excited for all the events that I get to do this year for seeing the beautiful couples.

I just got to review today for a wedding that I didn’t even have yet it’s next month. And they just said that they’ve loved the process like straight through from start to finish and they just can’t wait to like see how everything comes together. And it’s such a pleasure and it just makes me want to cry because I love them so much. And I love that they’re already saying these things and we haven’t even done their wedding flowers yet and then three manifests. I am manifesting our multimillion dollar empire. I’m manifesting our dream home and manifesting a happy joy-filled, fulfilling life where I’m only needed to work a max of 10 hours a week, maybe 12. I’m able to manifest and have the time to take vacations with my family and have amazing experiences. And just love the life that we’re living together. I’m manifesting my husband quitting his job so that we can be full-time in our businesses together. I’m manifesting so much amazing things and I can’t wait to see them come to fruition.

That’s all for today folks. Thank you for tuning in to the Making Mommy Moves show. As always, please, I’m asking very nicely to leave us a review of the show. I want to plan a sort of giveaway, I think, so stay tuned because I’m probably going to launch it probably this week or next week. And I want to do two different giveaways: one for the Making Mommy Moves show one for the Power Couple show. If you haven’t watched it, please tune in or listen anywhere you listen to podcasts. And stay tuned for that because that’ll be really fun. As always share with your friends and I will see you next time!



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