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Making Mommy Moves Episode 12: Do Your Friends and Family Want You to Be Successful?

It matters who you allow into your life and your business. Lacking support from friends and family can be a major roadblock if you let it in the way of your ambition.

In order to thrive and keep that fire going, you need to have a support group of people who will light up as much as you do when you’re happy, inspired, and motivated — not people who will doubt you, raise concerns, and fearmonger. Do you have people you can trust with your fire?

Today’s Goals: Identify the people in your life who are truly supportive allies and the people who are there to knock you down at every step, even if they don’t realize it. Then, protect your fire by keeping your allies close while keeping others at a distance.


  • How I’ve learned the hard way to keep my passions, big ideas, and success to myself and my close allies when lacking support from friends and family
  • Identifying who is truly happy for you and who is always getting in your way and shooting down your dreams
  • How people who often put you down are doing so because they have their own insecurities, fears, and limiting mindsets
  • The importance of protecting your business and your personal life from toxic influences
  • You are amazing! No matter what anyone says. You have it in you to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted, and you deserve to be celebrated

Episode 12 Transcript

Hey everybody, welcome back to the show. On this episode, I’m going to talk about whether your friends and family are really supporting you and your business.

That one might be a hard pill to swallow, but let’s think about it for a second. When you have an idea today that lights you up, do they get excited about it with you or do they squash it like a book? Do they come up with every reason that you shouldn’t do it? Is that helpful for you?

It isn’t for me, I know that when I’m feeling that way, super lit up and so inspired about something… The last thing I do is tell my parents or my friends or anybody about it. That isn’t going to light me up about it.

There’s a couple of reasons that I do this. One of them is when I have a fire of passion to get something done and I feel so inspired about it, the last thing I want somebody that pee all over it. Not only will that put on my fire, that’s gonna piss me off really bad and I don’t want to be thinking about that. I want to be happy. I want to be inspired and I want to be like seriously on fire about it.

Another reason I do it is because when you think about that, when they’re peeing all over your idea, it’s probably because they have their own limiting beliefs that they’re projecting onto you. Maybe they’re feeling like they couldn’t do it or that they’re not worthy of it, or that they’re not smart enough to do it or that motivated or lazy… that they wouldn’t have the time or that they don’t want to make the time. Well, you’re not them. Just think about that. Remind yourself of that. They’re casting their fears on you.

Maybe they’re fearful of you starting your own business because they’re used to having like a steady income in a nine-to-five job. Understandable, but you’re going to be creating something far better than that. And you are the best person to bet on yourself because you know what you’re capable of, and you’ll win that bet every single time.

Keep in mind who’s in your corner while you’re building your business or accomplishing your goal. Are they trying to sabotage you? If you’re struggling to fit the time in to get something done, are they trying to help you to make the time if they know that you have three babies at home, and you’re dying to get yourself in shape? Are they coming over to watch the babies maybe even once a week so that you can go and put your work out there? Are they coming home with a big bucket of ice cream when you’re trying to eat healthy?

Let’s say that you are dairy free that you’re breastfeeding your baby boy and you are trying to feed your baby with the best possible thing you can give him and that means that you can’t have dairy or you can’t have soy or nuts or anything but vegetables honestly at this point. And they’re making a whole big macaroni and cheese pot and say here you go. Are they helping to support your goals, your ambitions, your passions if they’re trying to sabotage it? Or talking shit on it or just peeing all over it or really just breaking you down about it.

I wouldn’t be around them. I wouldn’t be sharing my light-me-up-inside, fill-me-with-joy kind of moments with them. I would be saying everything’s good. Thanks for asking and moving on. Because at the end of the day, they’re probably only interested so they can either talk shit about it or break you down about it. I’m not saying no. Think about the friends, or the family, or the neighbors, or just acquaintances that you didn’t really think were friends but they’re the ones that are in your corner. They’re the ones coming over with a home-cooked meal when you’re three days postpartum or three weeks postpartum, or after you’re mourning the loss of your baby. They’re the ones that are thinking about you. They’re the ones that are coming over to help you any way that they can so you can have a shower or go workout or have time to build your business. They’re the ones coming over and taking the kids so you can have your meeting in silence, so that you don’t have to sell your service on the phone when you have three screaming babies in the background.

Think about the people that are in your corner supporting you. Surround yourself with them. Surround yourself with the people that are going to light you up and give you the motivation to be like them, because they’re three steps ahead of you and you can learn from them. Share your ideas with them. Because they’ve been there before and they know how you’re feeling and they can light you up. Like you have no idea you’re gonna go far surround yourself with the people that are going to inspire you and light you up and keep you moving forward even when you’re drained and exhausted and like you can’t get out of bed in the morning.

Surround yourself with those people because they’re going to bring you to the next level. They’re going to help you reach your goals and are going to help you get so much further in your life. Remind yourself of this. You’re going to create a good life, and when you surround yourself with good people, it is even better. I hope that this was a good episode for you. And if you took something away from it, please share it on Instagram. Tag me in it so that we can see it. We can reshare it. And send me a DM so I know how it helped you. I can’t wait to connect with you more and I’ll see you on the next one. Bye!



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