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Making Mommy Moves Episode 10: How Bad Do You Want It?

I hope you’re ready with open ears and an open mind because here it goes: How bad do you want it?

Are you willing to stay up a few extra hours at night after the kids have gone to bed? Are you willing to sacrifice that extra hour of TV, those mindless minutes of scrolling through IG, or that extra snack you really don’t need? Inspired action will move the needle for you in every part of your life and goals, but you have to keep asking yourself: “How bad do I really want it? What am I working towards?”

Today’s Goals: Realign yourself with your initial fire, the passion that got you on your journey in the first place. Then, reignite the fire, identify your limiting mindsets, and crush every doubt and excuse that has been holding you back from reaching your goals.


  • What it means to be driven by inspired action
  • Identifying and crushing limiting mindsets and excuses
  • Reigniting your fire by asking yourself just how badly you really want to succeed

Episode 10 Transcript: How Bad Do You Want It?

Hello and welcome to another episode of Making Mommy Moves. I’m so excited that you’re here with me for another episode of the show. I am going to be talking about how bad do you want it today.

I felt really inspired yesterday and really fired up about this topic. And I wanted to just put on the camera, open up my microphone and talk to you a little bit about it. It’s gonna be a quickie, but I think that it can be really important.

So to give you a little like pre-frame, this is just my own personality trait. I am a quick starter. I take inspired action. And when I’m feeling like that fire I want to get started immediately because I don’t want it to burn out. So with all of these things in mind, I like things to get done really quickly. I don’t like to wait on anybody. And I want to just make like happen for myself. I don’t want to wait on anybody else to make it happen for me. Because usually, you’ll be waiting forever if that’s the case. If they’re not as inspired as you or whatever the case may be. So, with this in mind, I want to ask you, How about do you want it?

What goals are you working after? Are you working to create a business? Are you working to get in the best shape of your life? Are you working to spend time with your family? Are you working to retire by 35? What goal are you working toward? Ask yourself, that works for me.

I’m working on building a multimillion-dollar empire. I’m working to have more time with my kids. I’m working to be able to not have to grind so hard. I’m working to break my generational curses of the middle-class mindset of the broke mentality the broke finances, all of it. And I want that really freaking bad. My husband wants it really freakin bad. He wants to quit his job. He’s set to quit soon. But he has those limiting mindsets that are making him question. He wants to be able to spend more time with the kids. He wants to be able to work full-time in our business. And he wants that really freaking bad.

Are you building a business? Are you building a house, are you working toward your fitness goals? Are you working to provide for your family? Are you working to not have to work three jobs anymore? How bad do you want it? Let’s think about that. How bad do you want it? Some of those limiting mindsets might be telling yourself around this so that you don’t have the time, that you’re exhausted, that you have another job, that… I don’t know, what are some of the ones that you’re experiencing?

I know that I’ve experienced “but I’m too tired.” The “I really need to spend more time with my kids,” the “man I’m just I need to go take a shower or something.” Like “boy I don’t have time to go to the gym.” Whatever excuse I’m coming up with, that is limiting how quickly I’m going to accomplish my goals. Or if I even try to begin with. Does that make sense?

How bad do you want to if you’re working on building a business? I would be hustling my ass off to try to get it off the ground so that I could quit whatever job that I’m working that I hate. If I’m trying to get in shape, or to eat healthily or to get the best body of my life, which I’ve been struggling with lately. And I’m really trying to break those mindsets of mine. But some things to keep in mind are: What excuses are you creating around it? Are you giving yourself difficult schedules? Maybe CrossFit isn’t a great fit because of limited schedules and maybe you need to join Retro that has like more hours that you can go. Maybe just get outside and go for a bike ride instead of trying to go on a treadmill.

If it hurts us, find something that will work for you to help you get closer to your goal. Right? Stop making the excuses. Pivot if you have to. But how about do you want it if you’re working toward building a multimillion-dollar empire like I am or you’re working to quit your job or you’re working so that you can spend more time with your kids and not have to work weekends or overnights? Remind yourself every single day what you’re working toward. Multiple times a day.

If you have to stay up the extra two hours to write your book. Stay up the extra two hours to move the needle in your business. Whatever you’re doing in your business. If you’re editing videos, if you’re designing graphics for a website, if you’re writing blog posts, if you’re orchestrating whatever you’re doing, if you’re like me and you’re building a podcast, stay up to get it done. If you have to, just remind yourself what you’re doing so that you still have that fire inside of you even when you’re exhausted, even when you’re drained, even when you feel defeated. Because the consistent action is going to move the needle for you.

How about do you want it?

I hope that this episode was inspiring and maybe you have that lightbulb moment in your life so that you can think about all the things that you’re working toward and how inspired you are to actually make them happen. I’m a big believer in inspired action. And you don’t want to let that fire drain, you don’t want it to be washed away. You don’t want it to go out. You want it to stay lit and even get stronger because that inspired action is going to seriously with the needle for you and your business and your life and get you closer to your goals a lot quicker.

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