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Couples That Hustle Together Stay Together

There’s something really magical about being on the same page with your partner for life, one of the couples that hustle together, but that’s not always the case. In fact, more often than not, I speak with couples that feel disjointed, discouraged, and a little lost. Everyone is unique and has their own vision for their life, and it’s totally okay to be with someone different than you, but what do you do when your goals are so different that it’s holding you back in your relationship?

Larry and I have experienced just that, and recently, too! So when I say that I totally understand what you’re feeling, I really do. This blog is dedicated to all those mamas out there who dream big and have larger-than-life plans, and all those partners who just don’t quite understand yet what those plans mean for their household and their future.

Mindset Shifts Are a Huge Deal

When you pick a partner, especially when you’ve dedicated the rest of your life to that person, you want to believe you know everything about them. Unfortunately, people are constantly evolving beings, and we might meet the love of our life before they meet their true selves! One day, you wake up and realize that you really don’t understand the person sitting next to you, and it can be frightening and upsetting.

Even changes for the better can cause huge issues if the partner isn’t along for the ride. In our case, I was working really hard on self-development and growing my brand, but Larry was on the sidelines like a deer in headlights. After a pivotal conversation a few months ago, we confronted the disconnect only to realize that there was just a huge misunderstanding between us and we needed to get on the same page.

I wanted to grow my empire, find confidence and success, start bringing in real money that could set us free and allow us to grow closer as a family. All Larry saw was me diving into my audiobooks, staying up all night working, and ultimately neglecting him. Once we had the talk, I convinced him that this mindset shift I was undergoing was actually for the better, and he should just give it a try!

Aligning Goals Sounds Easier Than It Really Is

Of course, the shift from disconnect to alignment between Larry and I did not happen overnight. For a while, we were still not one of the couples that hustle together. Larry still worked super long hours at the shop and would often come home frustrated and tired. But over time, he switched out his usual music during the day with the podcasts and audiobooks I recommended, and he realized they weren’t so lame after all. Finally, he understood what had inspired me so much, and he committed himself to make little changes to his own beliefs and habits that would ultimately benefit us both.

Larry aligned his goals with mine: he realized that the 9-5 work cycle of making money to survive was a dead end that most people parked in, but not us. He realized that he should start viewing the work I was doing as a way to better our lives rather than a way to take away from our relationship and family time. He decided that, if we were really going to do this, we needed to go all in and not look back. We couldn’t be happier now with aligned goals!

Get On Board or Get Out of the Way

Because Larry chose to get on board, he’s gotten to the point that he can resign from his job and work with me on building our empire full time. Our businesses are making enough money that we can comfortably have family time with our kids and enjoy hobbies and activities that had long left our minds. We started trying new things, breaking out of old habits, and deeply enjoying our relationship again.

I really want all the mamas out there to learn from our story and be inspired. If you’re making mommy moves, don’t just leave your partner in the dust. Try your best to cue them into what is inspiring you, have a real honest discussion about what the future holds and the best way to get there. Then, it’s up to them to get on board or get out of the way. Either choice is fine, but your relationship will really only stand strong if you’ve both aligned your goals.

Make Mommy Moves With Me

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Talk soon!

XX – Lyss

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