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How to Deal With Working Mom Guilt

The typical modern woman works, and I see so many moms strain under the weight of taking on both their career and homemaking – myself included. When we’re at home with our kids, we’re thinking of work; when we’re at work, we’re missing our kids. This struggle to be fully present with our families while still working towards our goals and dreams results in one major downer: working mom guilt.

So what gives? What can we do to give our kids our full attention without compromising what it means to be ourselves, truly, as individuals with a vision for success?

Find Your Center

If you’ve got a career or business, you’ve got a fire inside of you that drove you to this moment. At some point, there was a flame that motivated you to get out of bed and start building your dream. Maybe you were even just driven by the desire to make money, and that’s totally valid.

If you’re now tired, burned out, and going through the motions, you’ve most likely lost sight of that first spark. Whatever passion you had seems to have faded away, and now you’re working just to work. Losing this passion is exactly what can make working mom guilt so heavy.

You need to find your “why” and center yourself. Otherwise, what’s the point of all these lost hours with your kids?

Turn Your Mission Into a Mantra

Once you pinpoint your “why,” turn it into your mantra. This passion you have is a part of who you are, and you deserve every ounce of it. Having kids doesn’t make you less yourself, so there’s no reason to give up your vision and all that hard work before motherhood. 

Remind yourself throughout the day why you’re doing what you do. Write it in lipstick on the mirror if you have to. Write yourself notes to find during your routine. Love your mission as if it’s part of you, because it is!

Be Intentional and Present with Your Kids

Making your mission your mantra and loving yourself properly will not be enough to stave off working mom guilt. You’ll still be feeling like you aren’t giving your kids enough. To be perfectly honest – and I know you know this deep down – you’ll never feel like you can give your kids enough, even if you’re with them around the clock. That’s just being a mom!

You might not be able to give your kids everything, but you can make the most of the time you have. Even just a few moments of deeply intentional quality time with them can make a whole world of difference. Put down the phone, turn off distractions, make eye contact, connect with them.

Make Memories During Quality Time

Working moms, I totally understand – once you’ve punched out for the day, you haven’t got a lot of energy left for anything but sleep. And then there’s still all the things you couldn’t get done while you were working like laundry, groceries, and making dinner. At the same time, you know that by not being fully present when you get home, those few hours you do have with your kids just aren’t what they should be.

I urge you to turn quality time into memories. Change up the routine and make every day special. Invite them to participate in things you can’t put off like chores and errands so that even mundane activities turn into precious quality time. 

Try a new recipe and let them help mix or pour. Make a game out of sorting and folding laundry. And if all the chores are done, go on adventures – no matter how small – to discover new places, things to do, and just bond.

Conquer Limiting Mindsets

At the end of the day, working mom guilt is truly fueled by limiting mindsets. Larry and I talk all the time about how we hold beliefs that keep us from living out our full potential and reaching our goals.

If you hold untrue beliefs about money, such as a Scarcity Mindset, you might be overworking yourself because you’re caught in a cycle of earning and spending. Because of this cycle, you feel like you’re wasting tons of hours working without really getting anywhere, and you’re losing those precious hours with your kids.

When you can identify these mindsets and crush them, you can open up a whole new world of found time and kick that working mom guilt for good. 

Let’s Tackle Working Mom Guilt Together!

If anything I’ve said today has rung true for you and you’re interested in learning more, such as about buying more time and embracing your passions to become fully yourself, please come on this journey with us!

Check out my Making Mommy Moves Show, where I tackle all of this to help fellow working moms reach their full potential and change their lives for good.

You can also learn more about me by reading my blog: My Vision for Moms Everywhere.

Talk soon!

XX – Lyss

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