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Making Mommy Moves: Episode 1

Millionaire Mom In The Making

It’s me, Lyss, and I’m here to shout from the rooftops that every day doesn’t have to be Groundhog’s Day!

You can do things that inspire you. You can achieve and exceed your goals. You can live a life worth living because it IS worth living – you just have to get out of your own way.

First things first. I’m taking you down memory lane, catching you up to where we find ourselves now. It wasn’t easy, and it’s still not, but we’re so excited to welcome you on our journey. We’ve made a ton of mistakes, but we’ve learned from them and that’s what matters. I want to help you realize that you can do it too.

Today’s Goals: Identify your limiting mindsets and beliefs so you can get out of your own way.


  • What you can expect from the Making Mommy Moves Show
  • Ways to stay in the know of all things Lyss Morton & The Show
  • Breaking generational lack mindsets
  • Positive mindset outlooks
  • How mindset plays a role in wealth and success

Episode 1 Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Alyssa, but everyone calls me Lyss. It’s so good to have you here for the Making Mommy Moves show.

We are starting this journey and I’m so happy that you’re here with me as we are building our multimillion-dollar empire. We’re not there yet, but trust me, you’re coming along with us and we have no doubt it’ll be happening in the next few years.

I’m starting this podcast as a sort of journal, as you might say. I wanted it to be a “come along with me.” I want you to be along for the ride. I want you to learn from us and our mistakes, to come with us so you know what we are doing that’s what’s working, what we’re doing that’s not working, and we’re going to share our tips, strategies, success stories, gonna bring people on the show so that you can listen to them with their life story, learn what’s working for them and what’s not working for them. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

So Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, we’re going to meet here and we are going to talk about all of life’s ups and downs. Everything is fair game on the show.

At the end of the day, I want to help people like you. I want to be able to make you feel like there’s life worth living, that every day isn’t Groundhog’s Day, and that you can do everything that you want. You can accomplish your goals, set the goals and achieve them even when growing a family and you’re starting from nothing like Larry and I did. and you’re going to do great.

In this episode, I’m going to open my book, I’m going to take you down memory lane so that you know where we started from and where we’re going. I want this episode to be a reminder for you to do things that inspire you. In hearing my story, I want you to most importantly feel like you can do anything.

I want you to be able to reflect on your limiting mindsets. And most importantly, I want you to be able to acknowledge when other people are casting their limiting mindsets on you too. So now to take you back.

Where do we start? First, I want to dive into limiting beliefs. I have so many of my own that I’m really working to overcome. And I think that you probably have them too. So just to give you an idea of some of the ones that I struggle with, first is that I need to work harder to make more money. The second is that I need to win the lottery to make more money, that money doesn’t come easily. Money’s evil. Everything is expensive and just that I can’t afford it.

Each of these limiting beliefs really reinforced in my brain that I needed to work harder to make more money. And that just gives you evidence and proof like when you’re believing these thoughts, everything that you’re doing is just reaffirming that. So if you’re not working hard to make more money, then you’re not going to have money, if that makes sense.

So when I finally had my aha moment, I was listening to the audio version of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. And in that book, he talks about the rich man’s ability to have money work for them and use it as a tool. So that was really like though, oh my gosh, people can just make money. Make money easily? Like how does that happen?

When listening to the book, it hit me that you can sell an unlimited number of items, but you can only work a limited number of hours. So when you’re reinforcing this belief that you have to work more to make more money, you are literally limiting yourself and you’re gonna burn yourself out.

So with this newfound lightbulb moment, I started my first business. And in that birth of that business — I created a flower business, I enjoy flowers and I thought it’d be fun — really at the end game like I see my flower business Garden in the Pines being something far greater than it is right now. But it gave me the satisfaction of starting my own business and realizing that I can do it. It’s the perfect tool for me to learn in owning and operating a business. I’m learning how to do the bookkeeping, how to build a website, how to everything.

The list goes on for the amount of things that business owners do. But most importantly, I’m showing myself not only that I can do it, but that I can do it over again. I can make it better, and that the important thing is just to start.

Now, I want to hit hard on this because I know that you’re probably doing it too. The only person in the way of you achieving your goals is yourself. What limiting belief are you setting on yourself? Scratch that — What limiting belief are you telling yourself?

For me? It was me telling myself that I didn’t know how to start a business. I didn’t know what I was doing. That I couldn’t run a business — I was young. I’m a woman. I am a mom. I’d be a bad mom if I ran the business. I’d be a bad mom if I didn’t work harder. I’d be a mom…

I’m gonna be a mom regardless. I need to be able to do the things that bring me joy. And it’s okay if I don’t know what I’m doing because I’m gonna figure it out. And that’s what I’m betting on myself for. By reinforcing these limiting beliefs, you’re putting the kibosh on any possible future before it even starts. You’re saying, Oh, I can’t do that, so you won’t.

It’s plain simple. If you say, heck yeah I can do this, you’re going to. That’s it. So it wasn’t until I decided to just start and figure it out along the way that I really noticed the needle moving for me and for my relationship and for financial goals. Every day I noticed myself becoming more confident in myself, more confident in my ideas, more patient with my kids, most importantly. I noticed that I was feeling fulfilled that I felt intelligent and that people liked me and that I could learn anything, most importantly.

I learned that all I had to do is make one move a day. One good move that can make me a better person, a better business owner, a better version of myself, a better mom.

I hope that this story has shed some light on the passion behind this podcast. And I hope that you tune in every single episode as I shine my light brighter, and share with you my stories and tips and strategies to help you live a more joyous and fulfilled life.

Come along on this journey with me!


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