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Best Date Night Ideas for Power Couples

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Uh oh. It’s Friday and you still don’t have plans for the weekend. All the hustle and bustle of the work week and errand-running has left you with very little gas in the tank (metaphorically, possibly literally). You haven’t even had a second to think about date night ideas to enjoy with your SO.

Don’t fret. I know exactly what it’s like to feel the weekend wasting away because neither of you can come up with anything to do. To help my fellow power couples out there, I’ve put together this perfectly curated list. 

Scroll to the heading that describes your relationship best, or get even more adventurous and try something out of your comfort zone!

For Competitive Couples

Couples that swear they have no competitive spirit are lying – they really do. You just need the perfect activity to fire it up. Try out these fun date night ideas to get competitive with each other, If you’re worried about it getting too heated, set up a double or group date to direct your competitive nature to other couples.

  1. Dave & Busters
  2. Escape rooms
  3. Smash rooms
  4. Ax-throwing
  5. Top Golf

For Creative Couples

Creative couples are truly some of the best. They have so many options for trying new skills and creating new things. BUT – even if your cooking skills stop at making a bowl of cereal, your artistic skills stop at “abstract” paintings, and your knowledge of music consists of the radio’s top 20 hits… it’s still really fun to experience new things with your partner. Larry and I recently tried out a pottery class and it ended up with him discovering a hidden talent! Try these:

  1. Pottery classes
  2. Cooking classes
  3. Dancing (both classes and clubbing)
  4. Going to the movies
  5. Going to a concert

For Couples Releasing Their Inner Child

No shame! People who can enjoy activities that are just plain fun and silly are truly free. If you feel like you haven’t released your inner child in a long time, it can be so refreshing to forget you’re an adult for a while.  

  1. Trampoline parks
  2. Laser Tag
  3. Arcades
  4. Water parks
  5. Amusement parks

For Intellectual Couples

Not everyone enjoys the quiet, contemplative life. Not everyone geeks out over specific topics. But for intellectual couples, going on dates that get the mind working and the soul inspired are the most enjoyable and fruitful for their relationship.

  1. Zoos
  2. Aquariums
  3. Museum tours
  4. A pretend first-date dinner (get to know each other all over again!)
  5. Casinos

For Adventurous Couples

Need to get the blood pumping? Want to discover new things? Adventurous couples need to keep things interesting, so physical activities and enjoying the outdoors are usually the best. You can try out some spicy new positions at home, or head out and try these:

  1. Rock climbing
  2. Hiking
  3. Boating or renting jet skis
  4. Parasailing
  5. Visiting national and state parks

For Tired Couples

We didn’t forget you! Some couples just can’t muster up the strength to get out of their comfort zone after a long week, and that’s totally fine. Sometimes, the most simple ideas are the best. Try out one or a few of these ideas in combination for a relaxing, pressure-free date:

  1. Getting ice cream
  2. Beach or lake day
  3. Picnicking
  4. Shopping
  5. Bar crawling or a few drinks at home

Join a Community of Power Couples

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Talk soon! 

XX – Lyss

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